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Being that stumbleupon was the single biggest referer of traffic in January I thought I would buy some more stumbles and report on what I found. So far I have found buying stumbles from stumbleupon is not easy… in fact I have found it impossible.

Its hard to even find the signup link but its here –

First of all its hard to find out where you can even do it. I found the url I have 20 different urls and no matter what I choose I get :

From: StumbleUpon Ads
Date: February 27, 2007 8:02:21 PM CST
Subject: Ad Not Approved
Reply-To: StumbleUpon Ads

$siteurl was not approved because there is currently an insufficient number of people on StumbleUpon who will appreciate your site.

Please feel free to submit others sites for approval.

StumbleUpon Ads

So anyone had any luck or can give me any tips ? =P

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  1. Stuart

    Before you buy StumbleUpon traffic, have you looked at how long the Stumblers stay on the site? To get a feeling on if it is even worth buying traffic from them, considering if Stumblers just stumble to a different site immediately after visiting yours. Just some thought.

  2. Gary R. Hess

    From my experience with StumbleUpon, most people using it seem like teenagers and soccer moms. Maybe that’s what it means by not enough people to appreciate your site?

  3. Chris Winfield

    For some reason they do make it difficult to get the account setup initially but once you have the first one setup – it then becomes pretty quick and painless to add others.

    Was the site you submitted very commercial? If so – is there a page on there that isn’t (linkbait-type page maybe)? Submit that URL instead.

    Also – if you don’t care about the traffic and just are doing a study, keep it as open as possible (don’t drill down to any categories or demographic info).

  4. Kiley

    This is my favorite part:

    $siteurl was not approved because there is currently an insufficient number of people on StumbleUpon who will appreciate your site.

    I guess your not appreciated.
    That just sounds stupid, I dunno man, sounds mad corny.

  5. Jeremy Steele

    When I advertised on stumbleupon I did my root site URL, not a post. It was accepted fine, but pretty much feel as if i wasted $10 for nothing. Out of the people who visited, 15 voted on it and around 13 liked it. I’ll take PPC any day.

  6. Jeremy Steele

    Sorry about the double post, but heres the stats-

    My site was viewed 201 times thanks to the $10 campaign I ran (a glitch gave me an extra view :) ) and out of them only 15 voted, 13 liked it, and I got no new readers. Although a $10 campaign isn’t a lot, still interesting how worthless it was.

  7. CPA Affiliates

    I have used stumble. I think there system is kind of lame as you want to advertise with them to get your site known on their network but if many people haven’t voted that they like your site already you are out of luck. A way around the system. Get bunch of friends to visit the site with the toolbar installed, and get them to vote thumbs up. The thing that sucks about it more likely the people that don’t like your site will vote than the ones that do… and if you start getting a bad rating they can pull your ads..

  8. Dastar

    That’s pretty lame to only accept a site that is already (popular) in the Stumble Upon network. It seems like they’d be missing out on allot of advertising dollars by turning that down (and I can’t see why). It’s almost like Shoemoney turning down an advertiser because no one has ever commented on them and he’s never talked of or used them.

  9. ToddW

    Maybe more than *gasp* money… they only show proven to be popular sites… ??? I’m sure Shoe won’t advertise for someone random.

  10. natekapi

    Wow SU only charges 5 cents per unique visitor according to their FAQ. That seems like a pretty good deal, considering Google wants $5 per click for some of my site related keywords now!!!

    I’ve been submitting all my new sites to and StumbleUpon, before officially launching them or posting them anywhere else, and I’ve been pretty amazed at the amount of traffic that they bring in the first 24-48 hours. And if all is good, the traffic stays pretty steady for a week or so.

  11. LennyP

    The difference between Stumble traffic and Adwords traffic is that it is actually targeted. Depending on the nature of your site the traffic from Stumble ranges from mildly worthless to completely worthless.

  12. Daniel

    I think that the quality of StumbleUpon traffic is pretty good. My question is, do the “paid” stumblers count if they give your site thumbs up?

  13. jim

    Think of your typical stumble upon user, you’re just clicking a button and seeing if anything cool comes up, suddenly you’re sent to a commercial site that isn’t really all that noteworthy (unless you go to a linkbait post), you probably get more pissed off than anything because your stumbling experience was interrupted with an ad… I wouldn’t think that traffic was of much value at all.

  14. Dastar

    I didn’t say Shoe would advertise a random site. But there doesn’t seem to be anything overly controversial about this site to be turned down by stumbleupon.

  15. Enrique Flouret

    I had a similar experience. I submitted a couple of pages from my site and were accepted. Then after some months, no matter what I submitted (alway from the same site) and all were rejected. That was odd because my site was already being stumbled with lots of “thumbs up”.

    I wrote an email to somebody there and got a prompt reply telling me that my mail was forwarded to an ad rep. Of course, I got no reply at all. But, curiously, some time after that, everything I submitted was accepted.

    I don’t remember if I submitted the same pages that were rejected, but pages at my site are all about Photoshop and graphics so they should have the same consideration as the ones that had been rejected previously.

    Regarding the traffic, I didn’t find any difference in conversion. I guess it is a very good way of promoting new sites or articles for word of mouth effect.


  16. Enrique Flouret

    Sorry, me again.

    Anybody knows any good resources about stumbleupon? I receive a good and steady amount of traffic from them (I’m subscribed too) and would like to know how to take the most from StumbleUpon.


  17. Mitchel

    I had the same experience. Ads were accepted with no problem 2-3 months ago, and now they’ll take none of them.

    I too have found that Stumble traffic doesn’t convert at all, however, the campaigns that I ran consistently delivered a very strong tail of organic traffic after they ended. In other words, the Thumbs Up that I got while running my campaign translated into consistent free traffic for a few weeks after the campaign ended. In addition, every time someone Stumbles your page it does create an inboud link that is indexed pretty quickly, though I doubt they are worth much.

    I have tried out StumbleXchange as well, which will get you dozens of Stumbles in a couple of days, but they have resulted in *ZERO* traffic. I think that gig is already up.

  18. Jon

    I tried buying ads there too. Same reason you did, and every URL I put in was rejected. I think it’s just there for show.

  19. Dastar

    Well, I applied yesterday and the url was approved today. Guess i’m going to have to do a little testing to see what the traffic yields.

  20. engtech

    I did the same $10 test and it gave me the impression that the votes from paid stumbles don’t contribute the same way unpaid stumbles do.

    One think I noticed: stumbleupon said 200 but my stats said 130… most likely because it was a very long page and people on dial up skipped it before the tracker code loaded.


    Isn’t artificially inflating your traffic by buying pageviews a violation of Adsense TOS? I don’t see Adsense here, so it doesn’t matter. But for those who have it, it’s something to consider.

  22. Enrique Flouret

    Perhaps I didn’t explain myself correctly, there was a period where my ads were rejected, but the last ones I sent (a couple of months ago, though) were all accepted. I have yet to try again.
    Although traffic from stumbleupon is not that good, I think it is still a good traffic. I’m a stumbler myself an I still visit some sites I was presented by stumbleupon to find ideas and news.

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  24. Enrique Flouret

    I don’t see why this method is artificially inflating my page views.
    Stumbleupon users are requesting to see those sites. For example, before christmas I used Stumbleupon to see which toys related sites were popular. And believe me, I found many great sites.
    That is by no means artificial.

  25. Collis

    I’ve been using stumbleupon for some time now, buying in the order of 5-10,000 visitors a month for various sites. The traffic volume is good for boosting CPM numbers but tends to be quite undifferentiated, even when you target specific keywords. Still at 5cents a pop and with that kind of volume you know that mixed in there are the visitors who stick around…

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