Forum Earnings, Cracking The Technorati top 50, and more

Here are some fun numbers.

748 – would be the unique amount of domains that linked to (according to technorati) in the last week. Most of this was due to the mybloglog hubub. This catapulted from the 70 to the 50’s in the most popular blogs on the internet. Watch out fellow elite retreat speakers Darren Rowse and Guy Kawasaki I am on your heels!!!!!

30 – is the Age of forum legend Nintendo!! Happy 30th Birthday Ninno you crazy mf’er!!

$23,000.00 is the amount SEO blackhat forums is making monthly from subscriptions!! Quadzilla makes the disclosure in this post That is some nice reoccurring revenue

4 – would be the amount of days in a row that was on diggs front page last week.

160is the hits per second we received for the noon time digg.

Unknown the amount of time the server was down… lol before you talk shit lets see you handle 140 hits per second! (we can handle it now tho)

60 is the number of days since I announced I was going to do a myspace contest.. sorry… trying to get to it when I have time.

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