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If you notice on the right hand side I added a top commenters. I wrote this wordpress plugin last night. It basically gives a link (not nofollow) to the top 10 commenters over the last 7 day period. So people who comment frequently get a reward. I mean you are adding value to my site with your input so why shouldnt I give you a link?

This is also a fun thing for me to keep my somewhat php skills alive. That also means you might see some errors as I play with formatting.

Also if I think you are just trying to rack up your comment count you will be blacklisted.

I do not mind giving people a link but those spamming comments just to get SEO value will not be tolerated. You know what you are doing dont make me explain it.

242 thoughts on “Top Commenters On The SideBar

    1. Rahul Jadhav

      I dont think that google will penalize a person who appears in the top commenters list and anyway we are not paying to set the links. So there isnt any problem

      BTW where is Jeremy??

  1. ShoeMoney

    I write my blog for people not search engines. I am always shocked peoples first instinct when making a site is OMG WHAT WILL THE SEARCH ENGINES THINK!.

    To answer your question no. I am not worried.

    1. BusinessX

      Screw Google- over a year later, a great post from Shoemoney
      The Screw Google Mentality

      I love this idea of writing for our visitors and not our Google Rank. I am inspired by Shoemoney’s nemesis John Chow. Google slapped him and everyone in the blogosphere pointed predicting his demise. He has more RSS subscribers than ever, more visitors, all while being on the outs with Google.

      For grins, I recently looked at “Shoemoney” and “John Chow” as keywords, and discovered people searching for those terms are ridiculously low. I think “toe nail clipping” gets about as many people searching. Yes, I am actually thinking of starting a toe nail clipping site as a long-tail endeavor (no, I do not have a foot fetish).

      I discovered Shoe and Chow via Top Affiliate Challenge. Other MMO blogs I follow extend from that show. Following about 5 contestants, Shoemoney, and John Chow, I discovered other good blogs when they would reference or highlighted those blogs/sites. Like Neil Patel, I learned of because of his Black American Express card and a post about just that. Now I subscribe.

      I think one of the few times I Googled a blogger directly was when I found out about John Chow’s slap and wanted to see for myself. The other times I have come across bloggers on Google are when I am searching for something else. And then I only go to those sites when I already know the blogger. Like when I Googled “money making ideas” and a Shoemoney post was number 2.

  2. Cory OBrien

    I like this feature a lot. I’m seeing it integrated into more and more blogs, and I think it’s great for growing the community aspect that makes blogs so popular.

  3. ToddW

    EDIT: I’m guessing that you did it for the last 7 days so that it’s constantly changing and not ratings overall because some people would be at the top forever… ?


  4. ShoeMoney


    $commenters = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT COUNT(comment_author) AS commentcount, comment_author, comment_author_url FROM $tablecomments
    WHERE unix_timestamp(comment_date)>unix_timestamp(NOW())-(60*60*24*7)
    AND comment_author_url !=”
    AND comment_author !=’ShoeMoney’
    AND comment_author != ‘ddn’
    AND comment_approved = ‘1’
    AND comment_type =”
    GROUP BY comment_author
    ORDER BY commentcount DESC
    LIMIT 15;”);

  5. John

    That’s interesting – you’re right though, people design websites for people, not search engines. If you design it for people then the search engines will like you anyway… however this ties in with the “top x lists” seem to go well down on the internet. I remember in the early days of my website the BBC’s site reprinted my top ten list of games on the site – seems people want to know what/who’s popular (or in this case commenting).

  6. Chris Stark

    This is a great idea. It will be interesting to see if your overall contributions go up with this new incentive to comment. You should track it for a few weeks and see if the trend goes up.

  7. ToddW

    I love how these small “ideas” we (programmers) have turn into huge pieces of software by the time we’re done with them.

    You start simple then keep adding on and on to the point whre you just give-up! Well, that’s what I end up doing!

  8. mao

    Nice idea (already done, thought).
    I think you have to adjust the html code or maybe check it with Firefox 1.5.x

  9. Josh

    Excellent idea. Very noble of you to share the love. Still, you are right, this could help the community flourish by inspiring more interaction.

  10. Ryan

    I’m sure you’ve already seen it but PFA has one called “Show Top Commentators” that a lot of sites already use.

    The only complaint I have is that the URL filtering doesn’t seem to work right.

  11. Ryan

    Yeah with the amount of traffic he gets here this is a good turnover ratio. I use 1 month on my site, and a lot of sites do this, too, but at some point if you left it on forever new people would never be able to catch up.

  12. Mike Peters

    Great plugin! Let us know when you release it

    I know this is version 0.1 but for a performance boost, you might want to break it down to two queries. This one EXPLAINs as “Using temporary; Using filesort”

  13. Andy Beal

    I added this at Marketing Pilgrim last week and have been happy with it so far. You will have some try to game the system, which is why I added a comments policy. ;-)

  14. calvin

    Hmm… I want that link. Who doesn’t? Don’t you want to be linked by highly ranked, viewed and read blog on the planet. You must be out of your mind if you don’t! Seriously – I read shoemoney – almost daily now. Kinda like his writing style – very informative and speak his mind out loud. Perhaps – those are the skills to pay bills.

  15. MoneyMan

    I wonder if this will spawn many “this is my comment.” comments, ie, meaningless ones. But definitely a way to get more comments, something every blogger wants. The collaborative aspect of comments is often a great way to get new ideas.

    And last but not least: this is my comment. :)

  16. Nathan

    You will get an increase of comments for sure… I know I’ve never commented before but now I’m going to say what I think more often.

  17. CPA Affiliates

    great way to reward people for posting good comments… as you have in past, I continue to impressed when some of the big guys in the internet marketing world willing give back.

  18. Gary R. Hess

    Pretty neeto of you to do this Shoe.

    Anyway, you took the thumbs off? I can’t see them anymore (and OpenID causes problems for me… it always asks me to sign in when I try to post…)

  19. SELaplana

    I want to post comment here and want to received that link from your top commenters but I can’t because until now I am preferred to post comment about your blogpost through my blog.

  20. Mark from

    I have been seeing this type of thing pop up on other site recently. Not totally sure what I think about it. I mean it is great to get a linkback, but if folks are busy just saying, “great job!” or “good post” or “You’re right on – keep up the good work!” that is exactly what 99.9% of my spam comments are – what is the difference even if a human being is typing it?

    …although, you notice, I did list my URL – ah well, I guess I can be bought for the price of a quality backlink *sigh* ;)

  21. Pete Wailes

    Oh look, now everyone’s commenting… Couldn’t have predicted that!

    Just a quick thing though… “A bunch of monkeys took 0.143 seconds to build this.” – I never noticed that bit before! :)

  22. Mark1

    I understand the principle, but I’m sorry to say I’ve seen the noise to signal ratio, going wild in all the blogs adopting this list/reward. Well I guess I’ll quit reading the comments here, no biggy.
    Just look at the comments above and you’ll see see what is coming.

  23. Mong

    Jeremy you are already delivering so much to webmaster community for ‘free’ and now this is like “bonus’ama” :-)

    Good Luck.

  24. Gary

    did you actually write the plugin yourself? It looks like a really clean plugin. The one I’m working with has some bugs so all my recent commentators are all jumbled up. Will you be releasing your version any time soon! Keep up the great work!

  25. jim

    I have the same thing (except pulled out to the last thirty days) by taking this plugin and modifying the select query so that it only counted comments in the last thirty days.

  26. derrich

    I planned on adding a Top Commentors section to my sidebar as well. But my server is down for the time being. Shoe, I trust you don’t mind if I use your 7 day “mod”?

  27. Bulbboy

    My comments aren’t usually serious, neither are they of 2 word “good job” variety.
    Tending to post comments only when I think they are relevant, maybe I will post less comments knowing that they will scrutinised more closely.

  28. Dan

    I plan on adding a feature like this on my blog as soon as I start getting comments :) It’s a good way of getting people interacting when you are already established but how does one get readers to comment on a newer blog?

  29. Daniel

    Jeremy, it would be cool if you could report what kind of increase on the number of comments per post you noticed after implementing the plugin

  30. HMTKSteve

    I agree. Running a top commentators plugin does increase comments. There is probably also a correlation between the blog’s PR and whether or not the links are “no follow”.

  31. Gt3a

    Just my $0,02 cents :)

    instead of



    comment_date > NOW() – INTERVAL 7 DAY

  32. jim

    You comments probably were in moderation, they go in there if you haven’t had an accepted comment before or if it’s got a link.

  33. Dave Starr

    Don’t think it’s related to the Top Commenters implementation but there is some kind of distinct issue with the comments in general. Most of the time when I log in the “normal” way … I read your comments on the OpenID issues .., and have some of my own, have no idea whey you are actually uisng it, makes MBL look secure ;-) … anyway. the server just sits there afyter I click the Add Comment button and doe snothing … even an hour later nothing will have happened. A few weeks ago I pressed the button more thna 100 times and the next day saw that my comment had actually gone through … twice, sorry ’bout that.

    It’s aWordPress infrastructure, so sthings should work the same as other blogs (using Windows XP and FireFox …. wonder what’s up?

  34. Dave Starr

    Hmmm, just to add some info to the hunt, it appears the problem might be relates to CoComment. My comment above sat more thna 2 hours without a response, I turned off coComment, refreshed the SM page and reposted … instant gratification.

  35. Dave Starr

    ok, indeed it seems to be a conflict with CoComment. Eeven though I am signed out of CoComment the CoComment bar still appeasrs in the comment box and the submit comment process seems to hang forever… physiclaly clicking the “x” on the Cocomment bar and then pressing “Submit” makes the comments work correctly … shame, though, becuase CoComment is very much a part of my blogging … ideas from the rish and famous … or just somebody who knows how CoComment and WordPress interact?


    I did the same thing and it’s helped stimulate conversations a good bit. Actually, I had top commenters before, but it was top of all time, and there were a number on the list that had long since stopped coming by. So I shortened the window to make it more representative.

  37. Kyle

    This has been creating a lot of recent activity b/c people love backlinks from your site. Great addition, I just hope it doesn’t get to the point where people are commenting anything just for the backlink.

  38. geegel

    I’d like to install it on my blog too. Seems a great way to promote comments. Can you share a link to the plugin?

    Regards, George

  39. Vijay

    This is certainly better than enabling dofollow for all commenters. Encouraging comments is one thing, but yes, it should be watched for people trying to simply bolster their sites with one word comments

  40. Community Building Blog

    Definitely a good idea – I have even removed the nofollow attribute from people who comment as standard. This has dramatically increased user interaction over at my blog.

    – Martin Reed

  41. Paul Bradish

    I think that I’ve found a bug of sorts. There seems to be more than one Paul. I suppose this is my own fault for not choosing to respond under a more unique name (I’m now including my last name) but – sometimes the top commentator links to my site/blog, other times it links to another member.

  42. Kanawha Design

    This is awesome. I can’t seem to post though, maybe it will work this time. And I’m unsure of URI haha.

  43. david

    I love this idea!…I just grabbed the code you posted in hopes to apply it on my site…ehhhh…maybe i need to go to rentacoder ;/

  44. Deelip

    Thats impressive.
    Bloggers also should think about the readers not only about the search engines and monthly revenue.
    Good work!

  45. Mr Daz

    I see lots of people are asking, so I need to join them. Are you going to offer the pluggin to the public? I’d certainly like to use it. I downloaded one recently but the thing didn’t work.

  46. Interwebhunt

    Was it written from scratch or did you base it off of another plugin? Just curious as I’m going to be fiddling with mine shortly too and might not want to start from scratch completely.

  47. SEO Vibe

    I think top comentators is a great idea but it’s still broken in a sense.
    I see people posting as “home improvement” and “search engine optimization” and such but they’re getting no value for that anchor text because the text is REALLY “home improvement (16) “. You sadly dont get credit for “home improvement” with the numbers attached. Simple fix, move the number generator outside the tags and voila…. real shoemoney made cred!

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  49. youfoundjake

    I like the idea as well, have you though about releasing the plugin, I’d sure like to add something like that to my site. If you haven’t released it, feel free to email it to me, and I can add with a permalink to any site of your choice. Deal?

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    What a great model for encouraging content generation. As soon as I figure out how to pull that off with blogger I will apply that myself. Right now I am not for sure but thanks again for the example.
    Rob West

  52. Terry Tay

    This is definately a cool feature that many blogs should implement into their sites. It gives some incentive for people to return more often and contribute to the discussion, which is one of the great things about blogs.

  53. Ganesh

    I’m seeing that the number of comments that the top ones have made is about 35 something. Within one week, isn’t that spammy? Or is there any problem with your widget? :P

  54. Hekim

    Excellent idea. Very noble of you to share the love. Still, you are right, this could help the community flourish by inspiring more interaction.

  55. Arfan

    For some Odd reason i was top commenter before and i just vanished of the list? when people had less comments then me were still on it.

  56. Bruce > The BIG Desk

    7 days – holy cow! I thought it reset each month. I was thinking I could get in near the bottom with about 1 comment per day which seemed decent. But 30 odd comments (hopefully not too odd) in 7 days. I’ll give ‘er a shot.

  57. Aggressive Dog Training

    I read somewhere that the top commentators plugin is great not only for the people posting, but it also good to have on your blog because it will encourage more people to post comments. Thanks for using this plugin.

  58. ShelfCorpBrokerUSA

    Well thought out post. Been lurking around on your website for some time now…
    Just thought I would finally reply on one of your posts to let you know I exist :)

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  64. James

    Great idea. This would work good for forums. They could have contests on who makes the most posts and give them rewards and things…

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