Banned From MyBlogLog

I have been banned from MyBlogLog… Since last night every page I visit on their site results in a 403 (Forbidden) error code. I have asked others and nobody else seems to get the error but me.

I can’t really blame them. I wonder if they will refund me my yearly fee.

EDIT – Well, as confirmed in comments below I have officially been banned and will be refunded.

Just to recap here are my posts on the MyBlogLog bugs:

How To Surf The Web As ShoeMoney

MyBlogLog Showing Communities I did not Join ?

How are people getting free targeted keyword links on MyBlogLog

10 things I wish MyBlogLog would do

My Thoughts On Yahoo’s Top Dog Calling Andy Beal A Spammer

MyBlogLog contest to promote MyBlogLog Communities Approved by mybloglog staff then later label Andy Beal and myself as spammers for doing it

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