Banned From MyBlogLog

by Jeremy Schoemaker on February 22, 2007 · 107 comments

I have been banned from MyBlogLog… Since last night every page I visit on their site results in a 403 (Forbidden) error code. I have asked others and nobody else seems to get the error but me.

I can’t really blame them. I wonder if they will refund me my yearly fee.

EDIT – Well, as confirmed in comments below I have officially been banned and will be refunded.

Just to recap here are my posts on the MyBlogLog bugs:

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How are people getting free targeted keyword links on MyBlogLog

10 things I wish MyBlogLog would do

My Thoughts On Yahoo’s Top Dog Calling Andy Beal A Spammer

MyBlogLog contest to promote MyBlogLog Communities Approved by mybloglog staff then later label Andy Beal and myself as spammers for doing it

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1 Doyle

Too lazy to build a quality/secure product, but not too lazy to block you. Now there’s the sign of a good company.

2 morgan thomas

lol (in a soup nazi tone) NO MBL FOR YOU….

3 Bradford Knowlton

That is why, over the weekend, I played around with the co-authoring you and friends on my SECONDARY account. I know better then risking getting banned from a service I use on a regular basis.

BTW, a few of my friends were very impressed when they saw the Shoemoney logo on her recent reader list, because I figured out the cookie hack over the weekend, with the web developer toolbar on firefox, you choose cookies, view cookie information, and then edit the ID string.

4 john wayne

Wow I am suprised. From Eric, Todd, and Scotts comments on your post I thought they were more interested in getting feedback and fixing the issues. Did they email you or reach out before banning you?

5 Tyler Banfield

I would say that’s their loss and not yours. Obviously they would rather sweep their problems under the rug instead of responding to criticism by improving their service.

6 James

Aweee MyBlogLog doesnt want to play anymore =( I hope you will continue to post the exploits they are really entertaining.

7 elprezidente

wow. i didnt see that coming ;) … cant believe i havent been banned for using Paris’ profile and picture and linking back to my own blog after building a community. Just some hate mail from paris fans ;)

8 Pink Taco

Heh I wonder if they are going to ban Everyone that points out bugs in there system?

9 instant

I am sure this was Yahoo’s doing now that Scott and Eric have ZERO say in what is going on with mybloglog. This is what happens when you piss off JZ

10 Scott Jangro

yeah, can’t really blame them.

Maybe they just need a breather and will let you back in after they catch up.

11 Scott Rafer

Hi Shoemoney, Your Pro subscription is of course refunded.

12 DingBat

So, all this MyBlogLog bashing you are doing, this because they didn’t listen to your pitch to integrate your “comment Karma” product ?

13 fluff

Unreal they would rather ban you then fix there problems. I am taking this off my site right now.

14 Eric Marcoullier

To be clear — we did not ban shoemoney for posting about exploits. Although we would certainly have appreciated that he email us first, it’s his decision where he would like to publish them. We banned him for publishing other people’s data on the site and urging readers to spoof them. On what planet is that not a bannable offense?

15 MikeLowery

Eric -

You dumbasses SHOW THE ID ON YOUR SITE. Now are you going to ban yourself?

16 2k a day

LOL You post about their bugs and you get banned?

17 Jeremy Steele

It doesn’t really matter, their service is quickly turning into a stinky pile of dog poo.

18 lucas

I heard Michael Arrington (techcrunch) say he will never use that piece of crap again after they made him look so bad.

19 almir

really in what way did they make him look bad?

20 baron

This is unreal. That’s like someone walking into an unlocked door to tell you the door’s unlocked, then you call the cops on them!

Everybody knows that MLB = good idea but the implementation/code would make PHP script kiddies die laughing. Totally unreal.

I guess you’d prefer he posted it anonymously to some forum or used it for his own exploits? Fix MLB faster and let us all live in peace.

21 Roger

I could not have said it better!

22 almir

so are you talking against shoe or are you talking out of jealously

23 Max

Why shouldn’t he have been banned? I would have banned him in a second.

24 john wayne

Agreed. If someone made me look that dumb I would ban them right away also. Of course I would never have a quality product either.

25 Cheap SEO Services

Hey there Shoey. First time I have commented on your blog. Sad to see the ban on YBL. I just had a quick look through your photo gallery and have this question. Who had that pose with the black skivvy first (stock promo)? You or Shawn? :)
Col :)


yet another reason not to use it

27 almir

sad thing is i joined them about two months ago but hardly use it

28 Harry Maugans

This is crazy… talk about biting the hand that feeds.

They should have at least warned you.

29 Andy Beal

That’s harsh. What happened to getting a warning first? They expect us to email them a heads-up about a problem, yet go ahead and ban Jeremy without at least contacting him first.

30 Jason Golod

Don’t play with matches

31 Secure Hosting

Are you kidding? What serious company behaves like this?

Why don’t you spend your time fixing your bugs instead of banning people for writing about them?

32 Doug Karr

Why didn’t you report the issue to them first and then take credit for working with them after they made changes? I mean that as respectfully as possible… seems like you just jumped on the opportunity to rip ‘em. Would have been nice if you had talked to them first.


33 Bulbboy

Shoe just goes straight in with the flamethrower.


34 Ryan

I agree with some of the other commenters. If they’d just focus on making a better product they wouldn’t have so many bugs.

You’re doing them a favor by exposing their bugs, and by doing so it makes management make sure they’re fixed quickly. In this case they’re making the wrong decision by just getting rid of you (like that’ll fix the bugs).

35 Aaron Shear

This is a strange approach to take, considering that you are one of the top bloggers out there.

36 Carsten Cumbrowski

Aha… I don’t remember me providing my SSN, Credit Card, Drivers License etc at MyBlogLog.

I have not seen anything in Jeremy’s posts that would harm anybody (unless the security hole still exists, but then it could harm everybody anyway).

Are you talking about ID’s like 2007010700401606 for Kind of IDs? Or 2006052416511720 for my User ID which can be found at any blog I visit and pulled directly from Amazons S3 storage where most images are being stored and server from by MyBlogLog?

Banning somebody who shows security holes and flaws publicly; flaws that do not require any illegal action to exploit them to be specific; is a bad move.

May be I should start doing this myself or just kill mybloglog account (with refund of the annual membership fee or not, which expires in 2-3 months anyway).

It’s safer than to wait for a guy who exploits stuff secretly and really harms me in one way or another, because anybody with a honest and good intent gets banned for poking and pointing it out, AGAIN and AGAIN.

Somebody should start getting his priority straight and re-think who the real foe is and who is actually a friend.

37 Max

If he was the ‘good Samaritan’ you’re making him out to be, he would expose the bugs by contacting MyBlogLog rather than creating a fiasco.

38 Ryan

With as many bugs/hacks as MyBlogLog has I can kind of see your point, but having been acquired by Yahoo there’s no reason for them not to be aired out. These things should be fixed in no time.

MyBlogLog is more likely to react if a “fiasco” is started than if he just sends them a “hey you have a problem” e-mail.

It’s not like this is an exploit used to gain access to credit card information … at least there’d be some merit in making sure something like that is kept quiet.

39 av

Hehehehehehehhee, image how annoying somebody should be to you in order for you to take actions against that person :)
thats how mybloglog ppl feel about you and your bug-revealing posts

40 stu

The thing is if you hadn’t posted about it then they wouldn’t of banned you. I made the same mistake on my blog.

41 musicNmovies

You still have MyWebLog widget on the Photopages, I thought you were removing from all the pages.

42 webprofessor

This is quite a collection of fanboys you have here Shoe.. I’m jealous lol..

43 Doug Karr

I read them and still think you just utilized the opportunity for linkbaiting rather than assisting to improve a young product. I really enjoy MBL so I’m not going to boycott it. I have been critical of some components of MBL, but I worded it in a constructive manner. Eric actually keeps an eye out for blogs and what folks are saying about MBL and they continue to enhance the product BASED on feedback. They are supportive of us, we can be supportive of them. I’m not sure that Shoemoney was really helping anyone – but he’s getting a lot of hits out of it. I think that was ultimately his goal.

44 Mark1

Let’s make an analogy in another field: I buy a BMW, since I’m good with engines, I find out there’s a problem with a part and it will eventually lead to a dangerous blow out.
I write about it on my CarsBlog, and BMW decides, I’m not allowed to buy a new BMW anymore, because I’m a bad bad customer.
Yeah I see the logic. NOT!
I’m sure it will only incite people to find more bugs, write more posts and reveal once more, what a crappy site you built.
Again , smart move.

45 Chris

“Hmm, how can I get some free publicity for my little widgety based community thing? I know, I’ll ban one of the most prominent bloggers on the web, if that doesn’t get people visiting my site, I don’t know what will.”

Call me cynical if you will, but banning John Chow never did Digg any harm, and you’ll still find new posts cropping up about it now….

46 ilker

I’m also a bit concerned about MBL’s future..

47 Lee Odden

Why do you care if MBL bans you or not? If they can’t take care of their issues, then it’s time to move on anyway.

Ha, you sure have a lot of suckups. :)

48 Divya Uttam

I don’t think shoemoney is banned. He is afterall featured member in MBL members page.
Was this another publicity stunt. Well congratulations for beig featured there.

49 Divya Uttam

I don’t think Shoemoney is banned from MBL. Afterall Shoemoney is the featured member of MBL for the present season. Well is this another publicity stunt?
Congratulations for being featured there,

50 Shirlene

Yes – I can see why you were banned (although I bet if you had a smaller blog they would not have cared).
But – I don’t think you should not write about something just because it’s going to annoy a few people or companies.

51 Jeremy

Funny…they block you and now your picture and a link to your site is big and bold on the Members page. Nice turn of events.

52 Nathan Hannig

Are you still banned, that is horrible if you are. I just joined that site.

53 Ed

banned for publishing other people’s data on the site and urging readers to spoof them, or banned for posting exploits (which MBL spokesman seems annoyed but not too peed off about). One reason makes sense, one doesnt.

54 Paul

This is really disappointing to hear. Instead of banning you for pointing out their flaws they should be praising.

55 Payton

hi i enjoyed the read

56 Publishers Weblog

Did you ever find out why you got banned? Exactly what for?

57 HardGeek

MyBlogLog is pretty boring.

58 poor jokes

really its too bad

59 digital

yet another reason not to use it

60 niroshan

yes,it is really very bad

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