MyBlogLog Trick – How To Surf The Web As ShoeMoney

In this weeks MyBlogLog hack of the week we show you how to surf the web as other MyBlogLog members.

This one is really pretty simple. If you are using Firefox just open up your cookies.txt file and look for the line that says: TRUE / FALSE 120364175 mbl_sid 2006122713042995

Now if you have never used mybloglog just paste in the above line and restart Firefox to surf the web as me.

If you want to be someone else just change that last number to whoever you want to be. Here are a few noteable people that it could be fun to surf the web as….

Scott Rafer – 20070220175514
Jason Calacanis – 20070220172928
Jeremy Zawodny – 20070220173258
Gray Wolf – 2006121823222200
Neil Patel – 2006112001595691
Chris Hooley – 2006122217174655
Tech Crunch – 2005092013300934
Andy Beal – 2006120114424866
Loren Baker – 2006120114424866
Danny Sullivan – 2006112409071004
Kid Disco – 2006122401534873
Barry Schwartz – 2007011808190075

Again… you actually don’t even need a mybloglog account just put that line in your cookies.txt file.

Fun stuff!

Ever wonder how the spammers are getting so many links in your “hot communities” that you are never a member of? We will cover that next week!