O rly AGLOCO AllAdvantage – Final Day Of Company Rants

aglocoWell I think I am off my period now cause I just do not feel like ranting. I was going to rage a little on this Agloco company but as I was doing research they are not as evil as I first thought. I just think they are exploiting the stupidity of man. And really who is to fault them.

There is a new company spamming getting around the web called Agloco. Lets go back in time a bit first to the original company that went bust doing the exact same system – AllAdvantage. AllAdvantage raised 200 million in VC in 1999 and started the first “get paid to surf the internet” program. Basically you install a toolbar and get paid as they collect your userdata and also throw ads at you. The problem is really you only make a few cents a day… however… the people who were on the first tier and refered friends who refered friends who referred friends who referred friends could actually make a ton of cash. Its like the ultimate pyramid scam (yes its technically not a pyrimid scam because you are not paying money however you are paying with your data/information).

Ok so who is really cashing in on this one right now? Well John Chow already has over 5,000 signups.

So whats the issue? Well AllAdvantage (the former company) had over 10 million members and paid out over 120 million dollars to it’s members. So at best the average person made $12 ?? And some people are claiming they were making 5-6 figures from AllAdvantage which means the average user probably is only going to make a dollar or 2….. at best… per year….

Anyway I do not endorse this program or think you should sign up for it contrary to what you may read on the web. I have already found posts saying that I am a supporter of this site. I think this is one of those sites you really need to be careful to endorse. Sure you can make money from it but when people get scammed and don’t get paid then they are going to look to you for referring them. Its possible I am wrong on this one but I am not jumping on this Agloco train.

Captiain affilaite himself, Shawn Collins, has a great post here about Agloco

Kumiko Suzuki says Agloco Will Not Make Money Online Ever

And just to save you time in the future if you feel you were scammed by Agloco here is a link to the FTC online complaint form.
I have already filed a complaint from the comment spam, email spam and blatant use of my name to endorse there product when I never have.