O rly AGLOCO AllAdvantage – Final Day Of Company Rants

by Jeremy Schoemaker on February 18, 2007 · 28 comments

aglocoWell I think I am off my period now cause I just do not feel like ranting. I was going to rage a little on this Agloco company but as I was doing research they are not as evil as I first thought. I just think they are exploiting the stupidity of man. And really who is to fault them.

There is a new company spamming getting around the web called Agloco. Lets go back in time a bit first to the original company that went bust doing the exact same system – AllAdvantage. AllAdvantage raised 200 million in VC in 1999 and started the first “get paid to surf the internet” program. Basically you install a toolbar and get paid as they collect your userdata and also throw ads at you. The problem is really you only make a few cents a day… however… the people who were on the first tier and refered friends who refered friends who referred friends who referred friends could actually make a ton of cash. Its like the ultimate pyramid scam (yes its technically not a pyrimid scam because you are not paying money however you are paying with your data/information).

Ok so who is really cashing in on this one right now? Well John Chow already has over 5,000 signups.

So whats the issue? Well AllAdvantage (the former company) had over 10 million members and paid out over 120 million dollars to it’s members. So at best the average person made $12 ?? And some people are claiming they were making 5-6 figures from AllAdvantage which means the average user probably is only going to make a dollar or 2….. at best… per year….

Anyway I do not endorse this program or think you should sign up for it contrary to what you may read on the web. I have already found posts saying that I am a supporter of this site. I think this is one of those sites you really need to be careful to endorse. Sure you can make money from it but when people get scammed and don’t get paid then they are going to look to you for referring them. Its possible I am wrong on this one but I am not jumping on this Agloco train.

Captiain affilaite himself, Shawn Collins, has a great post here about Agloco

Kumiko Suzuki says Agloco Will Not Make Money Online Ever

And just to save you time in the future if you feel you were scammed by Agloco here is a link to the FTC online complaint form.
I have already filed a complaint from the comment spam, email spam and blatant use of my name to endorse there product when I never have.

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1 teddy

Right on, shoey. THis thing has scam written all over it. I swear some of this stuff on the internet is such crap but people think they are going to make money off of it. Amazon has that human machine thing, then there is stuff like epinions.com and stuff like that where someone could write like 100 reviews and make $5.00… anyway, this falls in the same camp.


2 Tat

Sup Money.
A- i HATE it when people say you’re endorsing something you don’t like. I’d be much angrier.

3- I hope more people learn from the example of not endorsing something just to make a fast buck. Gotta have a long view.

3 Aaron Shear

Hey Shoe, your view is extremely logical. The thing that intrigues me the most is that the latest version of this program will target huge CPM deals. Which at the time of All Advantage was very low an much less targeted.

I am not condoning or condemning this new system, and I will admit I am a founding member who was invited. But I think this new system as a chance; I especially appreciate the insights from a significantly successful entrepreneur like your self.

My views could be clouded since I know some of the founders, but I like the concept.

Just my 2 cents


-Aaron Shear

4 markus941

There seem to be a thousand of these MLM jockeys trying to drop their Agloco link all over any post mentioning this company. I would have liked to see you rip them apart more (you were way too civil).

Bill Gates said he likes websites. I have a website. Therefore Bill Gates endorses me. Gotta appreciate any company that endorses that line of reasoning.

5 Jeremy Steele

Finally, some big name people are finally coming out against it. Its about time.

6 jim

I just don’t like how it’s taking advantage of people who want to make a quick (potentially imaginary) buck on both the toolbar installer side and the affiliate side.

7 SEOrefugee

Shoe, as others have said, I’m glad you’re coming out against this scheme. It’s obviously not going to make many people (if any) money.

And, even John Chow, who you point out has over 5,000 referrals doesn’t really believe in it. If he did, he’d be retiring and just waiting for that check every month. I mean according to the Agloco people he should be raking it in hand over fist right?

8 Matt Coddington

To say it’s worthless because only a few people will be banking on it doesn’t really make any sense to me.

How many Adsense publishers make what you do?
How many Azoogle affiliates make what you do?
How many CJ publishers make what you do/did?

Sure a limited amount of people will be making the real money with AGLOCO (just like AllAdvantage) but is that different with any other earning avenue on the net? No.

I’m not trying to go all out of my way to defend AGLOCO here, but I just don’t think there’s any real arguments for or against it at this time. Who knows what/how it will do? I personally think they’ve fixed a lot of the problems inherent in AllAdvantage and will not only succeed but succeed long-term this time. But that’s just my opinion :)

9 Jason Murphy

Shoe, I’m with you on this one. Read my WF posts where I ranted on Agloco for getting away with fooling people twice. Post 1 and Post 2. I wrote them a few weeks ago, but stand by what I wrote.

10 tacimala

Man I used to love AllAdvantage back in ’99. I had about 20 of those toolbars on at all times and when I went to class or slept I would just use an old program to automate surfing. Once my dorm found out how easy it was then the affiliate signups starting rolling in. I made a good chunk of cash from that but it died out as quickly as it came in.

As you mentioned, many of those types of companies failed to payout money as promised. I just wish that I would have learned about new types of affiliate marketing and other internet advertising models when that died out instead of waiting until the past 2 years to get back into it.

11 Ken Savage
12 Jason Pedersen

I’m starting to get a little bothered by all this Agloco hype simply because no money has been made from it yet. When will we get the Viewbar? As they said several months ago, “in several weeks.”

13 feedbuzzard

I was originally a little interested in this program, and even put a post about them on my feedbuzzard blog. Thanks for the info – I have now removed my post and am going to forget about these guys. geesh!

14 Gary

what do you think is the number at which people can make money off this? 50+ in their network? 100+ in their network? My theory is that out of John current network of 6,000, only 25% of them will remember to download the toolbar and use it. Of course 25% of 6000 people is pretty good, but 25% of 50 or even 100? I dunno.

15 RusPlaneta

Well, I agree. The majority will make a few bucks per month at best.

However, a few ones will make some serious money.
And they promote this scam.

16 Ferrarislave

O rly isn’t that book company is it? The one that makes those programming books and stuff?

17 Submit2SearchEngine

i too things most of will not make big money only few bucks per months and i also doubt about how they gonna do in long term..i am not working on it even john chow have already crossed 6000 members under him..

18 wildbluff_matt

Total scam. The users are going to scam it just like the original. All you needed was a little app that moved your mouse and clicked from time to time. I used it for a few months and only bought 1 thing. I can see why they went under the first time.

Like you said, a few will get rich, the rest won’t.

19 Dan

Good post, very logical as always.

Since I was not really comprehending first time around can anyone tell me what exactly lead to AllAdvantage bust? I mean 200 mil in revenue and 10 mil users does not really sound like complete washout to me.
All I managed to find so far is “went bust during the dot com bubble”.


20 Agloco

Nice to read different views.

21 Antonio Campo

I follow several blog daily and it disappoints me when bloggers recommend something like Agloco. How can they recommend something without testing it or confirming if there is any value? It’s very risky putting your reputation on the line for an unknown product. When individuals recommend something that has no value it lets me know how they value my readership. I hope in all sincerity that it works out for them, because they could potentially lose a considerable amount of loyal readers.

22 printnpost.com

I did alladvantage…it kinda worked i started to make a few dollars and then they said i was cheating and cancled my account!..Which is BS..I only used the fake surfer a couple times :)

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