Did Your Feedburner Stats Just Increase

FeedburnerYesterday I saw my feedburner numbers for RSS subscriptions increase by about 250%. Also from Feedburner I noticed a huge jump in Google Reader subscriptions. Ok so 1 of 2 things is going on… either someone is messing with me or something changed with Google Reader. Turns out it was Google reader. You see until yesterday readers using Google reader would pull your feed through Google (not directly visit your site). This is also how almost all other web based news readers worked in that the provider would spider your feed then cache it for all the readers. This of course makes sense but it really screws up your numbers because you can never get a accurate count of how many people are using your Feed.

Well yesterday Google Reader was altered to show how many subscribers are in your feed. Now you have true stats in FeedBurner reflecting it. Since about 60% of people that subscribe to my feed use Google Reader my numbers jumped quite a bit.

Now I am noticing other peoples numbers jumping drastically also!

Techcrunch went from 170,000 to 270,000

problogger.net jumped from 10,000 to 18,759

So if you are wondering if its a bug or not… its not 😉

EDIT: I found Google Reader actually has its own blog and explains on it on there also.