State Of Florida Investigating Ringtone Offers

I first heard about this story from Shawn Collins affiliate blog Then shortly after there was various affiliates who claimed there house had been raided in a sting …. or made it sound at least that they were knocking on affiliates door steps giving them the grand inquisitions. OK that sounds scary… Ive promoted a few ringtone offers myself so I waned to find out the real deal first hand.

This morning I spoke with the lead investigators for these cases (yes there is more then 1 case active). It turns out they are following up on civil complaints against Blinko and Jamster on how the offers were promoted. I also located the open cases on the Florida Attorney Generals Office: Jamster (owned by Verisign) and Blinko

They said at this time it is a civil action (not criminal). They named Shawn Collins and Jon as well as affiliate networks like Azoogleads who came forward in cooperation to help them understand the industry. They were very clear they are not raiding houses or breaking down doors or knocking on random people who are promoting ringtone offers.

They asked me to reach out to any longtime affiliates who have knowledge of how Blinko or Jamster offers have been promoted to please give them a call (850) 766-2889. Ask for either Robert Schara or Jon Gillman.

So could we see some affiliates going to jail over this? Well again at this point it is just a civil action but I suspect it could turn criminal very fast if specific people were found to be fraudulently representing offers.

I think over all its a good thing for our industry.