SEO Flipfloper, ShoeMoney Origin, What If I Was Broke Tomorrow & More

questionsGeez big batch of questions this monday…

Are you a SEO or not? You say you are not yet sometimes you say you are? SEO FLIPFLOPER!

I just learned what SEO was about 1.5 years ago… or so… I am intrigued by some aspects of SEO. I just try to focus on building quality service oriented websites and let the search engines rank them where they may. I really focus on viral traffic. Most of my websites traffic comes from people direct (they book mark it or make it there start page) which I will take over a SEO ranking any day of the week.

Here is a funny story.. the first SEO conference I ever went to I went up to the SEO INC booth and took there “SEO Challenge”. Basically they ask you what your website is and what you want to rank for then they tell you how much they will charge you to make you rank better. Anyway I told them my site name and said I wanted to be #1 for “ringtones”. At that time I was #2. The lady had this look on her face like she was pissed and she said “get out of her”. I said “What you cant help me?” and she was seriously mad and was like “no get out of here”. My friends Jason and Stewart (who I met at digitalpoint forums) could not stop laughing.

So am I a practicing SEO. I would say YES – I think its hard to be a successful web developer and not do SEO even if you don’t know the terms or the industry.

Am I a professional SEO – NO WAY.

Hopefully that clears up that issue….

I have a off the wall question. Where does ShoeMoney come from? From your last name Shoemaker I assume?

Actually my last name is spelled Schoemaker no worries tho many people make the same mistake 😉

I was working at Happy Joes in my home town Moline Illinios and I was always the designated pizza cutter. I was also very influenced by Rap music as a youth and used to rap/rhyme at work all the time. Well one year at our christmas party they got me a shirt that said “ShoeMoney On The Cut”. Kind of like a DJ Cutting records only I was just cutting pizzas 😉 Anyway thats how that started.

Lets pretend that you just woke tomorrow and you have 20$ to your name and zero websites but you know what you know and you have to earn money or your family starves. What do you do?

Its amazing how much I get this question… Ok serious answer.

1) I would get a 9-5 job somewhere.. even if it was at Mc Donald’s but I would hope someone would hire me with benefits. I gotta put food on the table for my family and need security FIRST PRIORITY.

2) In the offtime – Right now there is a super hot deal on AzoogleAds (look ma no affilaite link) for “Dada Mobile dating” that pays 20$ per lead (valentines week special ) …. I am seeing a average EPC of almost 2$ on this offer. We are absolutly killing i with this offer but to bad its short lived… I think the special 20$ cpa only lasts for this week. I would get coupons off of ebay or digitalpoint for like 100$ free adwords or adcenter for 5$ and get after it in my spare time.

(btw the 2nd part of this offer is always changing… sometimes weekly 😉 PPC is a crazy game. I know im probably shooting myself in the foot (again) but this dating deal is only good for this week so.. bring it =P

What is the cockiest thing you ever said to someone in person?

One time while my wife was a resident we attended some work shindig for her… one of her asshole staff doctors asked me what I did. I said that I made websites. He kind of snickered and said ohh can you make any money at that? I said, “well while sleeping tonight I will probably make more then you will working all week” … I know I am bad =(

Why Do You Always defend Jason Calacanis? Its like you bail Him out ever time he hangs himself (and piss off your seo friends)

I guess I understand where he is coming from because like him I also try concentrate on building good quality websites and let the search engines sort them out. I think its important to point that out. HOWEVER he goes off the deep end and well I dont agree with that part of it.

(BTW I have asked Calacanis to come on my radio show 2x even before all this SEO crap and he has never responded)

Being that you are in the Technorati top 100 can you tell me how much traffic you get from the pr7 link?

Hmmm Traffic wise it doesn’t even show up on the top 1,000 referrals… PRESS wise I am contacted probably once a week fro m a news paper, TV station or radio station and when I ask them how they heard of me they usually always say the Technorati top 100 list.

Each Monday I am going to try to take some questions asked to me in email and here on the blog and answer them. I call the answer part the “Shoemoney answer? mainly because I do not know if its right or wrong but its what I think based on my experience so far.