Hillary Clinton KFC Special

by Jeremy Schoemaker on February 11, 2007 · 38 comments

I couldn’t Resist. 2 of my favorite things.. KFC and Hillary Clinton. So a KFC in NYC has a special going… 2 fat thighs with small breasts and a left wing.

Hillary Clinton KFC

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1 Sexy Lace

Man KFC has got to be the worst chicken in the world. It nothing but bad grease. Maybe they cook it different where you live. But is sucks down here in the south. Sorry for the rant however, my cousin brought that mess over for dinner and I had a bad taste in my mouth still.

But the Hilary joke was funny.

2 King

the bowls are awesome!

3 Mike Bogo

Hah, fantastic stuff.

That’s some nice political traffic-bait – no watermark?

4 Josh

That is some funny sh*t! I bet sales are up!

5 ShoeMoney

seriously I love kfc… I eat 1 breast and 2 wings with 2 small potatoes every day

6 ShoeMoney

The bowls are the bomb I just cant eat to much of them. A bit rich ;)

7 mrrbob

Funny as hell, I like KFC also, good stuff.

8 shirazi

Is there more to it than what meets the eye here?

9 ian

I am vegetarian so I dont eat KFC, but I know someone who can eat a 21 piece bucket of kfc.

10 ken

I like KFC also,japanese KFC is too oily

11 anon. e. mouse

http://www.kentuckyfriedcruelty.com “we do chicken wrong” LOL

12 Kris

Nice catch :)))

I wonder if somebody will be sued :)

13 Luis

I prefer Popeye’s

14 Eric

Shoe, how in the world can you eat that much after your weight loss surgery?

Just curious as I recently got the lapband.

Cheers! and great post LOL

15 John Willis

Very cute. Thanks for the laugh.

16 Greg

That is the best thing I’ve seen in days … weeks.

17 Greg

sued? probably not … but if she gets elected KFC and Shoemoney will both probably receive audits from the IRS shortly after. LOL

18 ShoeMoney

cuz I did not get the lap band… I got the duodnal switch ;)

19 Jack

I blurbed on my blog this morning that politics don’t make money. I mean what is the CTR and CPA for dailykos.com or little green footfalls? Are these sites seeing the revenue reflective of their traffic?

20 Jack

Sued?…if you think this is real I have a bridge you might like to buy.

21 Garrett

Every day? You better layoff the Colonel or you won’t hit your 07 muscle-building goal. :p

22 bradman1965


George Bush opened a KFC franchise, but it went out of business, he was only serving right wings and assholes.

23 Chris

Duodenal. :)

24 dean

so did you photoshop that or a someone else do it?

more linkbait?

25 SELaplana

I think, I want big breasts and sexy legs…. :-)

26 Janet

Clever but I think it’s disgusting to make fun of a woman’s looks. This is not a beauty contest. It’s the office of the president. I know people are not kind to politicians. I’d love to see a woman take office. However, I dread these kinds of jokes and the words that I’m sure will enter public discourse should she win.

27 Johann

Welcome to like, um, 15 years ago. That is soooooooo old. ;)

28 derrik


29 Dastar

I prefer Popeyes (or Cane’s). :)

30 Nathan Hannig

KFC great and it is a great burn against Hillary

31 krillz

dude this is the funnies shit I’ve seen this week

32 richard oium

if hil can’t take a joke how will she ever “take” the presidency? seems to me a sturdy sense of humor is the main quality we need in a pres. after all, seriousness sure ain’t doin’ it.

33 Yolanda Jackson

Why did you do that KFC show from Yolanda Jackson


I really wanna do Hillary. Just grab those breasts, shake en, suck them, and grind my dick into you va jay jay!

35 JT

The latest in Hilary Clinton chicken wear. “Kuntucky Freid Clinton” T-Shirts!

36 313Merch

Kuntucky Fried Clinton T-Shirts!

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