Linkedin – You Had Me – Then You Lost Me

LinkedinI tried it…. I put the button on my blog. I got a lot of requests to connect… I accepted them I thought it was neat at first…


Then I had people start forwarding me requests for introductions and also getting introductions from other people. When I would ask my friends about the person they all said Ohh I dunno him I just forwarded the request… GREAT. Now these are not just random idiots that forwarded me the requests they are well respected industry friends.

I can see how it could be useful for someone trying to get a inside contact inside a company but seriously I have had ZERO value from it. I am sure I am probably rare though but whatever. I gave it a shot. Now everyone stop forwarding me introduction requests to Jason Calacanis. (I get like 5 a day for him alone).

Anyway I for now I made a mail rule to trash all linkedin crap until I can figure out how to remove myself.

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