Big Bully Pork Group Stomps on BreastFeeding Moms

My friend Jennifer Laycock, owner of thelactivist, needs some help. She is being bullied by a Nazi group trying to say she is infringing on there trademarks.

Now this issue really hits home with me because I am a huge proponent of breast feeding and breast feeding rights for women.

You can read all the details on here blog here

I also urge you to let these people know your opinion

You can email the Pork Board directly. Or, you can contact the relevant folks in the marketing and PR departments.

Jeff Hartz – Director of Marketing Communications
(515) 223-2629

Joy Johnson – Vice President Marketing
(515) 223-2631

Michael Wegner – Vice President Communications
(515) 223-2638

Teresa Roof – Public Relation Manager
(515) 223-2616

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