10 Things I Wish MyBlogLog Would Do

I had this post in my drafts for over 10 days now. That is pretty much the cutoff point for delete or post. Its rough and I wanted to go into more detail but I will just post it.

1 – Give me the option to not allow links in comments on my sections.

2 – Allow me to moderate comments on my sections.

3 – Implement a social voting system on comments and thresholds for negative votes so people are removed when they get to many negatives.

4 – On my page show me the last time a person visited in addition to the last visitors.

5 – by default make me moderate friends.

6 – give me the option to only let friends comment on my community.

7 – Fix your report spam so it doesn’t send you a email.

8 – Set thresholds on how many friends a user can add in one day.

9 – Set thresholds on how many comments a spammer person can leave in a given time.

10 – Grab real screen shots… use alexa or some service to grab screen shot thumbs.

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