George Bush – Great President Or Greatest President Ever?

Please read this post first before commenting. This was a 1 hour case study on political link bait.

George BushI watched the state of the union last night and wow… amazing. Even Nancy Pelosi could not contain her admiration for the most powerful man in the world. Every time she stood up and clapped (as I think all Americans were doing) as he talked about his plans for Iraq, health care, social security reform and of course the deficit it was pretty amazing.

George Bush has come such a long way. From rebuilding our country post-9/11 to making Iraq the 51st state (unofficially). Its just too bad he only has 2 years of leadership left. I only hope Rudy Giuliani when he is elected by the people in 2008 will continue the amazing legacy set forth by George Bush.

Curious as to your thoughts on our president. Is he just a great president? Or is he the greatest man ever elected to hold the highest office by the American people?