Comment and Link Baiting For 1 Hour – A Case Study

I was talking to a good friend about Technorati and how I feel they are really dropping the ball. Anyway the conversation had led to discussing the Technorati top 100. My friend mentioned if it was not for all the political bloggers he thought I would be in the top 50 let alone 100. I looked at the technorati top 100 and sure enough tons of political blogs. We joked about it for a bit and he sugested I make a pro-bush political post and just see what happens. I thought this would also be interesting cause it would be my first attempt at posting purely for buzz and links in mind. (I am always accused of linbaiting but the truth is I just write whats on my mind)

It was really interesting to see what happened.

I made the post at 3:14pm. Initially I put the category of the post as “linkbait” about 15 minutes later I switched this as every post was OMG THIS IS LINKBAIT (as you can see below). I thought this also kind of skewed the results a bit so i took it out for the first hour and placed it into the politics category.


In the first hour more then 70 comments were placed. Some people were so adamant about getting there comment in that they even emailed me to see why it was not posted. This was by far the most commented on non contest post I had ever written time wise.

Comment Karma: More votes were given out in this post then ALL OTHER POSTS COMBINED

Chat Room

From the webmasterradio chat room which is probably the biggest and most active chat room for SEO people that I am aware of:

[23312]Caydel -
[23312]Caydel - someone is angling for comments from angry readers
[23312]meta - wow that last url is a great linkbait
[23312]meta - or..... shoe money is one of the idiotic 28% of americans
[23312]meta - heh
[23312]Caydel - you mean the smart 28%....
[23312]Caydel - the idiots are the 72%
[23312]meta - the ignorami 28%? :)
[23312]Caydel - but yeah, complete linkbait
[23312]TechLH - whats the point of him linking to wikipedia twice
[23312]TechLH - something weird about that post
[23312]meta - double the love
[23312]Caydel - I think he wants to rank for "George Bush'
[23312]Caydel - lots of authority on his site, plus linking to another authority
[23312]Caydel - plus, by the time the comments are done, lots of Keyword mentions

There is much more discussion but the url was mentioned over 7 times in the chat room. Of the 200 chat messages 63 of them were referencing the post so it was roughly 30% of the entire conversation during the 1 hour the post was up.


I recieved 18 emails in the first hour the post was up referencing the post. Most of them were asking if I was serious or not. Out of the 18 people who emailed me I had only ever corresponded with 2 of them ever before.


It only took a few mins for posts on both wickedfire and digitalpoint. I have not checked other forums but there maybe posts elsewhere.

Note To Self: If I ever blog for a living choose politics as my niche.