My Favorite Little WordPress Tricks and Plugins

by Jeremy Schoemaker on January 17, 2007 · 48 comments

After having’s – Darren Rowse on my show yesterday and Matt Mullenweg (wordpress creator) on the show last week I thought I would keep with the blog theme and share my favorite tricks and plugins that I do with my blog.

Favorite Plugins

Akismet: Do I really have to say anything? Its already caught almost 70,000 spams for me. I used to spend so much time weeding out spam emails …. anyway akismet is the

Bookmark Me
: To Be honest I am probably going to dump this one in the next revision (which should take place in the next few weeks). After using crazyegg on my blog for a while I hardly EVER see anyone use anything other then the delicious button so I think I am going to focus more on and my RSS. It is cool though and easy to implement.

Brian’s Threaded Comments – This is by far my favorite fun plugin. Its what lets me respond inline to others comments and also lets visitors do the same. It inspires conversation on your blog almost like a forum. Very Cool.

Comment Karma – This is what lets you vote (digg look alike) on comments. I am not sure if I will keep this plugin going. My original intent was to make it so I could display the most liked commenter ala weblogsinc but Its looking like I might just write my own custom plugin for that but for now this one is letting me know atleast people might like something like that.

Democracy – This is a new plugin that I am really liking. It is a poll plugin that lets you display polls in posts and also in your sidebar. It also has options so you can show archives of polls and archive/increment them. It is also extremely customizable and easy to implement.

Digg This: This plugin is what makes the little digg icons on my site. Basically when someone comes to the url from digg it automatically detects the url and adds the button. This is really nice cause you dont need to keep track when someone diggs your posts.

podPress – This is the BOMB if you are going to do anything with media…. even word/pdf files to video you MUST get this plugin if your doing anything with media at all. It also provides easy inclusion and feeds for Itunes.

Favorite Trick – WordPress Title

This post was inspired by First Page Fitness

WordPress Title – there is a function in wordpress it looks like this – wp_title() If you look at your theme you will see it. Its probably there in the title tag and other stuff. What you may not realize is that you can give this function 2 arguments.

wp_title() by itself defaults to wp_title($sep = ‘& raquo;, $display = true)

For non h4x0rs – the & raquo; is what gives you the >> before each post. That is why you see that so much on every wordpress blog at the begniging of the title is because that is the default. The second part and this is more geekier says to display the page title (true) or return it for use in PHP (false) lets not worry about the second part.

So what fun can we have with this? Well lets say the title of the blog post was “Apple Iphone Is Cool”. Now by default if someone went directly to your post it would look like:

>> Apple iPhone is Cool

If we want nothing infront of the title then we just send a null string like wp_title(“”,”False”) That would make it look like:

Apple iPhone is cool

Basically anything you put in the first set of quotes is going to lead your title. Good luck and have fun…..

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1 fusion

amazing tips dude… Akismet is still by far the best plugin for wordpress!

I would recommend also a great plugin that keeps track of ur posts: Most Polular Post! google it :D it works great in the admin panel and u can use it to show ur visitors a list of the most popular posts…

And I love wordpress because it’s very flexible for themes makers; the design of wordpress is very professional so u can use to benefit from every single detail in it!

2 Andy Beal

Thanks for sharing. After the last Digging, I decided I needed the threaded comments plugin. I should have it up later this week. I’m looking forward to seeing your new design.

3 Secure Hosting

Great post. For comments, I like the “Top Commentor” plugin.

4 Aaron Nimocks

When you say put anything in the first set of quotes are you talking about in here? ($sep = ‘& raquo;, $display = true)

5 ShoeMoney

aaron the blog parses it a bit… just look at the fuction

6 Rub3X

Hey just a note on comment karma.

See this post

If you add the cursor style code for the image, you’ll have a nice hand when you hover over the images instead of just a mouse. Comment Karma V2 will have it built in, along with a bury feature and an admin panel. Also the install won’t be nearly as difficult. I’ll let you know when it’s ready, thanks for the link back :)

7 MyNewChoice

For the page titles, I really like the Optimal Title plugin to put the name of the site after the title of the article.

Thanks for the links to some new plugins that I had not considered before. Looking forward to the new revisions.

8 John Loch

Its good to see im not the only one interested in the mechanics and benefits of blogging. I recently (as in a day ago believe it or not) deployed which is pre-built Wordpress bundles designed for specific purposes. The first is an SEO/SEM bundle which has seen heavy customization of numerous plugins, a custom installer, customized aggregation features and loads of tagging/cloud support. Basically – its the big daddy of dynamically optimized low maintenance PPC/CPA blogging.

It took 2 minutes to do this: Wordpress SEO/SEM Bundle Demo. If you read the topmost (sticky) post, you’ll see all the plugins used – plenty of SEM/SEO juice for you ;)

I’m looking for beta testers right now (see DP thread here) if anyone is interested.

Cheers :)

9 pip

I’m missing some tagging solution. With UTW + some nice title tactics you can create awesome additional pages that even rank quite good although it produces some amount of dupes.

10 markus941

I had Brian’s threaded comments installed but removed it because there was so much JS bloat. Maybe I’ll reinstall it and move it to external.

I like the $ sign, btw ;)

11 Michael

Cool bit on the wp_title() function. I realized that my site needed to be changed a bit after reading that. Cool tip!

12 Hannes Johnson

Cool list.

But what’s up with the $ in front of post titles (in the TITLE tag) and trademark at the end? Is that some secret SEO trick you learned from Matt Cutts? ;)

By the way, another cool plug-in you could install: Subscribe to comments

13 Paul

A very nice list, I’ll probably add a few of those plugins to my blog as well.

And a nice show on Net Income the other night!

14 John Loch

Well spotted. I hadn’t noticed that.. :D

15 ShoeMoney

Just playing around ;) Thanks for noticing I didn’t think anyone did ;)

16 Hone Watson

A cool plugin is the MyAvatars plugin which gets your MyBlogLog profile photo and sticks it next your comments.

It uses the URI you type in when you make a comment.

See check out this link:

17 Little Money

Thanks for the tips shoemoney! I’m just starting into this seo business!

18 Harry Maugans

Regarding the Digg This plugin, check out this page:

There’s some major security problems I patched… anyone using it is at risk. Here’s the digg article itself:

19 Don

Great lis of plugins. I’m downloading the Digg This plugin now. Thanks for sharing!


20 Alexander

Just testing out this feature. cool!

21 derrik

i just insalled sociable and thats working pretty cool

22 krillz

ah what a nice collection so bookmarking this post!

23 Hip Hop

Thanks for these I’ve been lookin for good wordpress plugins

24 Jessica

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25 Betty

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27 Vic

This is a great list of plugins. This type of list is priceless for the new kid on the block.



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36 Referáty ze zeměpisu

Thank you for these tips! :)

37 graphic art

very nice plugins. im using askimet for now. But those list are really cool. I will try to use them as well and see how they work.Thanks for sharing.

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39 Anna

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