Darren Rowse On This Weeks Net Income Radio Show

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Darren RowseThis weeks show Jan 16th I am honored to have Darren Rowse on Net Income. Darren runs one of the best blogs online at and is one of the people that inspired me to start my own blog.

Post your questions here you want me to ask Darren or call in live to ask them yourself!

P.S. – If you missed last tuesdays show with WordPress Creator Matt Mullenweg you can listen to that one

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23 thoughts on “ Darren Rowse On This Weeks Net Income Radio Show

  1. Matt

    Is it true that he will be revealing on the show that he is your long lost twin brother? That’s what I heard, but I don’t see any resemblance personally.

  2. Ian Robertson

    A questions for Darren.
    – How do you keep your Ideas fresh and on off days what do you do to motivate your brain to produce something?

    Actually a second question too(if I am allowed).
    – Do you write all your articles day by day or do you write articles that aren’t ‘news headlines’ such as your tips in advanced and publish them throughout the week?

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  4. Ian Robertson

    2 Questions for Darren:
    – How do you keep your ideas fresh and on that note, when your brain is in one of those moods, what do you do to get yourself motivated and write something?

    – do you write all your articles daily, or do you create several articles(save the breaking news stuff) in one shot and post them as needed?

  5. StrangeProgress

    I have a question for Darren.

    What was the main turning point for you, after you had started blogging, where you really cranked it up a notch, and started making a solid liveable income from your blog(s)?


  6. Don

    Wow, the Guest keep on getting better!

    Q. for Darren: How many hours per day or week would you say you spend on your blogs?

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  8. Mickey

    I gots to say Shouey, that man looks so much like you. My question gots ta be do you folks need da shaved head to make da money in da Internet search? Daaaaaayum kid!

    Word to the motherland.

  9. KFleming

    Great Guest! Darren actually inspired me to enter the blogging world as well. anyway my Question…

    Darren, what would you say is a healthy amount of traffic and or backlinks for a blog to grow by monthly? I know it probably varies greatly depending on the niche..(tech blogs will grow faster than blogs about loans of course) but what would you say is a REALISTIC average growth by month to shoot for?

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  11. Dave Conrey

    That was a fantastic interview. Every time I had a question pop up, you asked it and Darren gave some really great and simple solutions. It’s changed the way I think about my blog. Thanks for that. If you’re ever in Long Beach, CA, look me up. I’ll by the beers.

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