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A few days ago when I first predicted mybloglog would get bought out (yes it came true already) many people said they did not understand it or why a company like yahoo would want it. Well wonder no more! Loren has the ditty here : Why Yahoo Needs MyBlogLog, and Vice Versa. Loren Also gives sugestions on how Yahoo can improve MyBlogLog.

Darren Rowse has a great followup to Guy Kawasaki’s post about Adsense on Blogs. Problogger asks the question Does Adsense suck for bloggers?

Tomorrow I will be heading to Colorado with my wife and some friends to go skiing for the next 4 days in Copper Mountain. I really need to unplug a bit.

8 thoughts on “More MyBlogLog, Marketing Update, AdSense Suckage And More…

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  2. Sean

    I don’t see how adsense could provide anything of relevance to my readers when I have blogs about drunk elephants and zip-lock bananas. There needs to be another big player in the online ad industry that allows for that sort of content.

  3. Sean

    Bring plenty of warm clothes. Colorado is going to get slammed with another arctic front storm and we could get a bunch of snow. again.

  4. Christoph

    Yeah, minor snow storm and arctic cold heading our way. High temperatures will be in the lower teens. Bring warm clothes. 😉

    Christoph (Denver Metro Area)

  5. Helen

    I’ve had Adsense ads on my blog for…ever, pretty much, and not made any money. I recently joined MyBlogLog, and noticed in my stats that my Google ads were getting a pretty fair number of clicks, none of which were showing up on my Adsense reports and thus, my earnings. When I contacted Google about this, they basically said, “Well, that’s interesting. Too bad. We don’t acknowlege outside click trackers.” They couldn’t (or wouldn’t) provide any explanation, nor could they give me any reason that any of those clicks would be considered invalid. Who knows how long they’ve been screwing me out of my earnings? So much for “don’t be evil.” I’m pulling all of their ads and getting the hell off blogspot as soon as possible.

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