MyBlogLog Marketing Contest – Microsoft Zune Vs Nicole

In a effort to build a large MyBlogLog community, Andy Beal, offered up a Microsoft Zune media player as a prize to random member of his community. Now I had joined my bloglog a while back and at the time of Andys announcement of this contest we were at about the same number of members right around 100 each. I thought I would challenge Andy testing a different route. Instead I would use a avatar of Nicole as my community screenshot (I emailed mybloglog people to make sure this was ok). And so it begins…

Microsoft Zune

As of today MarketingPilgrilm has 143 Members and ShoeMoney has 233 Members. Go Nicole!

P.S. I challenged Andy Beal at this it was not like it was a agreed upon contest. He might not even know about it lol.