MyBlogLog Marketing Contest – Microsoft Zune Vs Nicole

by Jeremy Schoemaker on January 7, 2007 · 44 comments

In a effort to build a large MyBlogLog community, Andy Beal, offered up a Microsoft Zune media player as a prize to random member of his community. Now I had joined my bloglog a while back and at the time of Andys announcement of this contest we were at about the same number of members right around 100 each. I thought I would challenge Andy testing a different route. Instead I would use a avatar of Nicole as my community screenshot (I emailed mybloglog people to make sure this was ok). And so it begins…

Microsoft Zune

As of today MarketingPilgrilm has 143 Members and ShoeMoney has 233 Members. Go Nicole!

P.S. I challenged Andy Beal at this it was not like it was a agreed upon contest. He might not even know about it lol.

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Shoemoney 1 sleeper

That is amazing considering you do not get nearly the traffic that Andy gets on his blog that has been around forever.

2 Andy Beal

I have one advantage – readers can actually get there hands on a Zune! ;-)

3 Andy Beal

BTW – I noticed you weren’t confident enough to actually link back to the contest page. ;-)

4 ShoeMoney

its linked now… so you accept my challenge!

5 Josh

Nicole is eyecandy…lets face it, sex sells.

6 Neil Patel

I think readers want to get their hands on Nicole ;).

7 Andy Beal

It will be fun to see. I think the winner would be the one who spends the most energy trying to attract members. Unfortunately for me, I spend too much of my time in the “white” area, while you know a lot of the “gray” hangouts. ;-)

8 ShoeMoney

mebe unfortunately I have zero time for something like this =( Mostly fire and forget. Let me know who wins!

9 Laura Alter

Girls always win. It’s in the rules. Jeremy is just smart enough to run with it. :)

Girls FTW!


10 Cygnus

As far as I’m concerned, you both will win by turning people onto the mybloglog community; bookmark both of these sites people.

11 Yuri

No, Andy. The one who spends the least amount of effort (like Shoe) to get an equal amount of members, wins ;) Why would anyone wasting tons of time and such, anyway.

12 Chris

Mybloglog (yes I’m a member) seems a bit pointless to me. Wasn’t the contest originally for RSS subscribers?

13 Diorex

Is Shoe’s new employee just a walking sexual harassment case waiting to happen. She got hired a week ago and she is already being pimped out.

I sure hope she got hired for her programming or SEM knowledge or something other than that she looks good in a ShoeMoney shirt.

14 ShoeMoney

Actually she just got hired 4 days ago. The first week is initiation

15 ShoeMoney

ya i think i linked to the wrong post lol…

16 Andy Piper

Hot Avatars win. Yup. I am a community member of both blogs and I actually read them – not just look at the pictures. I think bloglog rocks as well.

17 Caydel

Sorry Shoe, but I think this may be an unfair competition, proving nothing at all.

I think this more reflects the relative size of the readerships for your blogs rather than community preference :P

18 Dr G

Hi Nicole…oh yeah hi shoe ;)

19 Zune (GeorgeB)

Any contest where I win a Zune will beat out chicks hands down for me anyway…. Well considering I’m married and I like have no game. :(

20 Nicholas

This is hilarious… Go Nicole! If it were a 42 inch plasma tv I would jump at the chance… personally, I only have around 10 members at mybloglog commmunity.. I’ll be thinking up ways of doing this…

I have months and months of FORTUNE magazine subscriptions, maybe I could use those as a nice incentive…

21 Brett

I guess I would take the girl :)

22 andrew wee

Like Neil says. Looking at a Zune doesn’t stop my breathing…

23 andrew wee

There’s some hypnotization gig going on with the Shoemoney logo or the fact that Nicole’s wearing it, or both.

Every time I get into MBL, I kinda lost track of time and the next thing I know I’ve ‘lost time’. I might be part of the new 4400 (or the 4401)…

24 Leonard

It’s a tough choice. Can I just have both?

25 Rett

My guess is that she wasn’t actually “hired,” but she was asked if her pic could be used on the site. You can see her Hooters uniform under the Shoe t-shirt in the pic. I don’t think struggling internet marketers work at Hooters to make ends meet. :)

26 Jose

Screw the Zune. Where’s the link to Nicole’s page?
And a wallpaper gallery please.

27 bear

the power of a pretty lady lol

Zune the iPod Killer?

28 coop

hmmm i believe people do this on myspace tooo…. but not sure!!! lol

29 Helga

Very interesting website. Keep up the outstanding work and thank you…3

30 printnpost

lesson of the day….I need to get some models!

31 Malia Madill

today┬┤s suggest in subject get period so more easier than it was before, but group incline to mortal difficulties in accepting and tendency much

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