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Episode 23 – Net Income Talks Black With SeoBlackHat QuadZilla

by Jeremy Schoemaker on January 2, 2007 · 22 comments

SeoBlackhat came on for our 23rd episode of Net Income. I think it was one of the best shows we have ever done.

You can listen below or click


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1 Mike Peters - SoftwareProjects

Truly a Brilliant show! Kudos

2 xfiver

Yes, indeed this was one of the best. I tuned in live for this show! Heck, I even called in!

Can’t wait for the t-shirt, I’ll send you the picture once I have it :)

3 fusion

Great show!

I agree that SEO is not THE only game for success. It’s useful though to get higher page ranks to be more and more trusted by advertisers! And maybe the high pr will increase the RPC in adsense (Smart Pricing). But on the other hand, having useful and unique contents is the key for success because you will get more and more back links without even requesting or buying them.

4 Cygnus

I really enjoyed the show Shoe…it was the best that I’ve heard you do, though having Quadz on with a call-in from JasonD never hurts. :)

Shoemoney 5 ray

Really awesome guest Shoe. Whether you are into black hat or not it was interesting to hear his perspective.

Shoemoney 6 Kat

I am sad you are only doing 3 more shows =(

7 StrangeProgress

Yeah that was a cool show guys.

You mentioned you have 3 more shows to go to fulfill your contract with webmasterradio – is it definitely ending there Shoe? It’d be great if you could keep the show going, I and many others no doubt want to hear more!


8 dugdale

I understand that wmr will start charging to listen to shoe’s show. but they will not charge for danny’s show.

9 Ken Savage


10 Alan@WorkFromHomeNow

I think it’s interesting what Quadzilla said about white hat SEO suggestions. It’s the same crap on Google’s webmaster guidlines. No wonder people break the rules!

11 Ashley Peach

Great show – keep the guests coming :D

12 scott white

nice blog, great content, keep it up.

13 Charles

Yeah, that was the best show yet. Quadzilla made some interesting closing remarks about setting up affiliate programs…he said not only is it important to do, but that you should do it locally (rather than use a network), and that there were ways to get some seo benefit from affiliate links (which I presume is why he suggests doing it locally).

I’ve been wondering about that last point myself. Would be great to hear some more about that.

14 DngloZ

Very nice and informative show, thanks!

15 Chris M

The download link no longer works :/

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