Yahoo Search Marketing Credit Of $10,000.00 – Still Dont Think You Should Do PPC Analytics?

Yahoo Search MarketingThe worlds largest full service SEM agency, Pepperjam Search, was recently credited 10,000 for click fraud giving a “courtesy credit” from Yahoo Search Marketing for $10,000.00. So how did they get the credit? Well you can read about the full story here. I HIGHLY recommend you read the full post. On my radio show and in a few posts I have touched on how you need to do your own analytics of your ppc logs and this is why. Sure your probably not out 10k like Pepperjam was for invalid clicks but its all relative right? I would be curious to hear how many people have gotten these “courtesy credits” for (insert whatever they want to say instead of click fraud here). You can be anonymous if you want. I know I have gotten a few of them but only when I submited a report that was OVERWHELMINGLY showing obvious invalid clicks. So is this how it starts?