I Been Blog Tagged – 5 Things You Never Knew About Me

Wow I just got blog tagged by Andy Beal. Seems like a pretty cool topic… 5 things you might not have known about me.. hrmm ok here goes!

  1. I have never read a book in my life from cover to cover…. seriously….
  2. I lost 240 lbs in 15 months thanks to weight loss surgery
  3. I was born and raised from Moline, IL the home of John Deere
  4. When I was 12 years old I was on ESPN’s Thunder On The Water fishing show (my dad used to own a fishing lure company.
  5. Before I became ShoeMoney I first started my internet career at a company called Internet Express then a company called Internet Revealed. I was fired from both jobs.

Lets see who can I ping to have keep the fire going with this blog tagging…. How about Dax, Shawn (shogun) Hogan, DaveN, Aaron Wall, and Kris Jones.

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