I Been Blog Tagged – 5 Things You Never Knew About Me

by Jeremy Schoemaker on December 14, 2006 · 29 comments

Wow I just got blog tagged by Andy Beal. Seems like a pretty cool topic… 5 things you might not have known about me.. hrmm ok here goes!

  1. I have never read a book in my life from cover to cover…. seriously….
  2. I lost 240 lbs in 15 months thanks to weight loss surgery
  3. I was born and raised from Moline, IL the home of John Deere
  4. When I was 12 years old I was on ESPN’s Thunder On The Water fishing show (my dad used to own a fishing lure company.
  5. Before I became ShoeMoney I first started my internet career at a company called Internet Express then a company called Internet Revealed. I was fired from both jobs.

Lets see who can I ping to have keep the fire going with this blog tagging…. How about Dax, Shawn (shogun) Hogan, DaveN, Aaron Wall, and Kris Jones.

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1 Aaron Shear

Thanks for joining in, I thought this was a fun one. I am impressed 240lbs in 15 months. I lost 40 in about a year and I just lost another 25 in 2 months. But 240 ROCKS!!

2 Josh(zerohero)

Very cool stuff man! What amazed me is I have NEVER heard of the Duodenal Switch before. I just had Gastric Bypass surgery 3 months ago(75+ lbs down, woot!), and I researched the hell out of it. Apparently I didn’t research as much as I thought.. lol.. Not sure if I would have gone a different way or not, but it would have been nice to have known so I could have factored that into my decision… Thanks for sharing man, I relate with A TON of what you had to say in that post..

3 Miha

Wow man… you should read at least one hardcopy book from cover to cover.

4 Andy Beal

Thanks for playing!

5 andrew wee

this shit’s gonna turn viral soon.
you’ve unleashed hell, andy!

i gained 30lbs in 3 months. does that count?

6 nathan

wow shoe, I’m shocked to hear you’re from the QCA! I’m originally from a podunk town 15 miles outside of Moline, called Sherrard. Cheers!

7 ShoeMoney

ya see its not really a choice… I just cant hold concentration that long.

8 Trying To Make Money Online

240 pounds in 14 months! That is absolutely awesome Shoe! You should be proud of yourself! I actually just lost 30 pounds in 2 months primarily through exercise, stress(not a good thing), and diet, so I am pretty proud with myself about that. I feel so much better losing those extra pounds and I’m in better physical shape than I have been in since I was in my teens(I’m 33 years old now – my hair is thinning to prove it!). That is also really interesting that you have never read a book cover to cover. I used to read a lot of fiction cover to cover, but generally with non-fiction I just read bits and pieces of it as well. Anyways, thanks for sharing this info about yourself. Have a great weekend Shoe!:-)

9 Trying To Make Money Online

I have the same problem Shoe with concentration! I have never been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, but I am sure that I have it, because I have been like that all my life, jumping from one thing to another. The only time I seem to be able to concentrate is when I am absolutely exhausted or have exercised extensively. I have been diagnosed with depression, since my early twenties, and I know that plays a great part in my conentration, but even when I am feeling good I can’t seem to concentrate! So glad I’m not the only one with this problem. You are a real inspiration to me Shoe. All the best. Chris H.

10 rush

why were you fired?

11 ShoeMoney

cause I sucked =( Seriously they were right to can me. I have never been able to work for another person.

12 ShoeMoney


13 ShoeMoney

ya same… Ive never been diagnosed but I dont really need a diagnosis ;)

14 Dr G

Upon reflection I’m sure you are glad you were fired

15 ShoeMoney

I dunno I envy people that are able to work 30 years at a company. I really mean that. I think the grass is always greener ya know?

16 Shbazzster

I am a personal; trainer and thats quite an awsome feet tell me how you did it.

17 Dr G

Yeah believe me I do..recently left a firm were I had no boss pretty much, all in search of the dream man. But I’m relentless in my quest for greatness as are you my friend.

18 Michael Jensen

Shoemoney, you’ve got quite the descendants building up, check out the The Blog Tag Tree I created to show everyone’s “lineage”. Very fun!

19 Pat

That’s funny – I used to work at John Deere in Moline. I lived in Bettendorf. Revealed was my ISP. Maybe I talked to you on the phone!

20 ShoeMoney

Pat its very possible. Especially if it was late at night. I worked the 3pm to 11pm shift

21 Ferrarislave

Shoemoney, how did you learn all you know if you can’t hold concentration? Hehe, great job on the weight loss!

22 Mike

Congrats on the keeping the weight off! Being a lifelong fitness professional, I commend you and hope you stick with it. Lifestyle choices will make or break it! Hang in there!

23 Addurobi Entertainment

You must have a strong memory to remember things you did when you were 12. I can’t remember things that happend last week ;)

24 john

Marvelous posting.

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