Net Income 11/12 Affiliate Issues

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Yesterdays show was pretty interesting. My good friend Todd Mallicoat and Shawn Turner came on to talk with me about affiliate issues. Todd had solicited questions on his blog that people wanted us to cover (basically he did all the work =P).

So I was put on the spot to answer some tough affiliate questions.

We also talked briefly about the SES Chicago show we just attended and other things that had come up. Also included in this show is a promo for my new ShoeMoney’s Christmas Hits Cd. (its about halfway through the show first commercial break).

Thanks as always to Andrea and Eddie and Brasco and special thanks to Todd and Shawn for coming on the show!


Here are some of the examples of the questions Todd Hit me with:


What’s the one thing he knows now that he wishes he knew five years ago?

What does he feel is the single biggest mistake most people make that keep them from making more money?


How does he target typos via ppc ( strategies etc.. )?

how does his typo strategies differ from engine to engine ?

Alex – What criteria does he use to identify potentially fraudulent clicks on Adwords/Adcenter/Overture?

Ken Savage

QUESTION: Besides PPC, what are some of the best way to drive & increase traffic to a real site for affiliate links?

QUESTION: If I get a hot chic to write your name on her chest and take a pic, will you link to me?

Igor M
If he lost everything (his websites, partnerships, etc) today … what would his actions be tomorrow? What steps? Specifics please.

Roger Web –

Can you explain what incentivitised offers are?

How do you make money with incentivitised affiliate offers?

How do you keep fraud down on incentivitised offers (I heard this is why most people cant do them)?

And many more!

After all those hard hitting questions I feel like I need a stuntdouble

11 thoughts on “Net Income 11/12 Affiliate Issues

  1. Infinite

    Finally was able to download it….was timing out on me all day. Real good show…lots of good info. Look forward to next weeks! Thanks for sharing!

  2. ian

    I cant even get 1kb/s from the webmasterradio website.
    Been that way for a few days now before this podcast was released.

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