Spybot Washing Azoogleads Cookies; Flycell & CJ – Who Is Ripping Off Who?

by Jeremy Schoemaker on December 11, 2006 · 11 comments

Andrew Wee has a interesting post about Spybot targeting and destroying AzoogleAds Cookies. Also it shows them removing Doubleclick cookies.

What does this mean to affiliate marketers ? Well… its bad. Depending on the persons settings for the spyware program you may not get credit for any sales going to Azoogleads or Doubleclick offers.

I emailed Andrew and asked him if he checked to see if it detected other affiliate companies and also if he tried other software like Adaware. He said he tried Adaware but it did not detect any of the affiliate cookies that spybot did. I talked about this with Kris Jones from pepperjamsearch and he was pretty suprised by the news also. We agreed that spybot better have a good reason to single out a company like Azoogleads. I tried to catch Joe or Alex (co founders of Azoogleads) for a comment on this but neither were on IM all day.

Also over on Abestweb forums there is post about Flycell ripping off a user for money. Now you see these kind of posts all the time but the interesting part is a person claiming to be a Flycell representative is telling the users that its actually Commission Junction ripping them off and not Flycell since they have paid all debts.

Pretty interesting stuff!

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1 Where's my money?

Those idiots, they owe me more than $1,000. That’s too bad for a newbie like me who for the first freaking time I earned $1,000 in a single month. This is how I feel:

2 Rainmaker

Spybot is also deleting ClickBank cookies.

3 StrangeProgress

I’ve been wondering about this for a while, as I periodically do a spyware scan, and had noticed a bunch of doubleclick cookies etc getting zapped.

4 carl

That’s really serious

5 Amar Maktal

Hello from Flycell. We are currently investigating the claims made on Abestweb. The affiliates have forwarded me their info and we hope to have a resolution soon. In the past we have run with CPAE and Azoogle as well (with no issues). We likely will not renew our relationship with CJ.

6 Jamie

Abestweb seems to be having problems. Looks like something happened to their server.

7 andrew wee

Safer Networking (which develops Spybot) has put a comment on my post, mentioning that azoogle n clickbank are flagged as “tracking cookies”.

the fact that they appear in the ‘Problems’ report window would mean that most users will still delete them IMHO.

the folks at WF are understandably not happy about this.

8 Ben Edelman

In Cookies Detected by Anti-Spyware Programs: The Current Status, I provide a comprehensive look at the state of cookie detections by anti-spyware programs, as of September-October 2006. From the table in my article, it’s straightforward to see what cookies I found Spybot deletes, and what cookies I found that other anti-spyware programs delete. This may be of interest to some folks here.

9 John

I know of sales made to people running Spybot. I’ve also tested clicks on a computer that runs Spybot as well. Azoogle has worked fine for me and Click Bank works too.

It seems that if you run the “check for problems” and delete the cookies, it would be similar to someone clearing cookies on their browser each day. Wouldn’t it?

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