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Here is my presentation that I gave in Chicago. I think its missing a lot without the slides but people have been asking to see it so here it is. Its nothing earth shattering ;). It was my first time ever doing public speaking so I was super nervous and I think it showed bad the first 3-5 minutes or so. I think I just need more practice speaking in public.

Thanks to all my posse for showing up.

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  1. breal


    I went to over 12 sessions and I thought your presentation was by far the best. So many people read there slides and bullet points its so boring I want to walk out so fast but you talked to the audience like they were your friends. You could tell you were nervous at first but overall I think you did a very good job.

  2. 2212

    ya its lacking a crapload without the slides. When you showed the transition of starting at 4$ days then ending with 9,000$/days well, those slides speak a lot louder then words.

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  4. Jason Drohn

    I hear you there, about the public speaking. It sucks but practice makes perfect. Countless speaking courses later, I am just now looking up from the podium :0)

  5. Peter

    Very generous of you to share this, particularly for those of us who couldn’t be there in person.

    I’m curious about whether knowing that probably half or more of the people in the audience idolize you makes it easier or more difficult to do the public speaking bit. 😉

  6. Pedro Monteiro

    Fantastic to see you talk to the audience instead of talking at the audience like one sees in so many presentations. Very nicely Done.

    Jeremy, do you have a recording of the questions session right after the presentation?

  7. morgan thomas

    Hey shoe nice presentation. I need to get back into the game again. I was wondering if you could see if you can allow people to download your ppt cause I can’t find it on their site. I would appreicate it if you could provide a link for us to download after you get the ok from them that you can do so.

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  9. Cookie

    Nice presentation 😉 .. I’m from germany so i didn’t understand all what u said but it was really nice. i would never think that this was your first time where u did talk public , as we can see the people there had a fun , too. thats one of the most important thing for me , if i present something :). Well done!

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  11. ddanger

    well with your great intro in your blog copy i was waiting for you to bomb. great video jeremy. and congratulations on your first public speaking thing 😉

  12. Ferrarislave

    Mang thats ma dawg shoeskrilla representing the 312 aka tha chi! GO SHOE! LOL, nice presentation man. I too would be nervous speaking like that. Good work!

  13. Dugdale

    Thanks for sharing!

    I think that rocks that your first speech was recorded, many of the other speakers never post their videos.

    The reason it rocks is that you understand the power of video on your first speech, where others that have been giving speeches for years still don’t understand it’s power.

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  15. regpath1


    These guys are all kissin your ass like your some shoulin monk who’s gonna teach them some kung fu..I thought you sounded very nervous and went from topic to topic without sync..But I found you to be sensable at least. I do think you need to speak up a little louder on the subject of arbitraters as you historically are one of us.. After all google is trying to shut us down to a large degree and Im positive your feeling the screws to your business as most of us are.
    Shoe I think your in a great position to speak up and to not talk circles, when it comes to the business of arbitrage on google. Google is a bully I think you should represent man.I know Wall St business and those big guys with stock certs could care less about no need to hold back.I really felt you holding back dude its ok if your gonna run for office to talk all conservativly but the real passion speech is in the fact that between the higher cost and lesser performance through all this manipulation by google we need to stick together to do something about it..I want you to kick sombodys ass man…

  16. Laura Alter

    That was a great speech! I loved how it was so anecdotal and unpretentious. I took a lot of little gems away from it.

    I am really looking forward to meeting you at the Elite Retreat! :)

    Laura Alter

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  18. Joyce

    Really good job! Unpretentious and modest. The fact that you were willing to share your first public speaking venture speaks volumes to people tired of the ego-driven business braggart. Many more people who couldn’t get to the conference due to finances or family get a chance to glimpse the internet marketing world. Very unselfish. Keep up the good work.

  19. Dave

    Others are posting their slides online (e.g. Vertster). It would be rare to not have retained ownership of your slides.

  20. Pedro Monteiro

    Very amusing indeed. I wonder, why it so “uncool” to complement someone for their work?

    I personally really appreciate the time Jeremy puts in to provide information to us all and share his knowledge. Appreciation is a good thing.

  21. Avid_Learner

    Very informative. Lots of good info for us rookies.

    As far as public speaking goes, I didn’t think you did a bad job. It only gets easier =P.

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  24. StrangeProgress

    Hi Shoe, thanks for the interesting video. I was familiar with most of the topics discussed, but your suggestion of rotating banners out 10% to combat ad blindness, and raise CTR has prompted me to do some more testing.

    It’d be great if you could post some more videos in the future.


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