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There was a recent article with Gray Wolf, Kris Jones, myself and a few other people on No matter what you feel about the article I hope you realize that there are no people getting rich off of buying Adwords and sending it to AdSense pages. I mean feel free to try it. Also while your at it try the cloaked meso pages too…. Then when your accounts are all banned shoot this Forbes reporter a email and ask him why he mislead you (as admitted below). There are very few things in this story that are true. Most of them have quotes around them (because that is what I actually said). The rest he assumed or tried to piece together from interviews I have done and my other blog posts.

“I love Google,? Schoemaker says. “They changed my life.?

– True Google has completely changed my life. I was on unemployment with a massive amount of debt until I found Google Adsense. (Nothing to do with Adwords).

“For a while, it seemed like everybody and their mom was doing this,? says Schoemaker. “I even showed my neighbor, a mechanic, how to do it in a few simple steps, and he was making $8,000 a week.?

This was true. I even had him on my radio show. Of course this was buying Microsoft Adcenter, Google Adwords, and Yahoo Search Marketing traffic to send to affiliate pages but… who cares about the facts?

I would assume the fact the reporter never linked to 1 source throughout his entire article (except the google stock) would be somewhat telling.

I emailed him and asked him why he did what he did-

From: Jeremy Schoemaker
Date: December 7, 2006 4:32:20 PM CST
To: Andy Greenberg
Subject: Re: reporter with questions about Adword Arbitrage


You totally make it sound like I am doing meso sites and cloaking for google. What the hell dude? This is really bad stuff.

and his response :

From: “Andy Greenberg”
Date: December 7, 2006 4:54:21 PM CST
To: “Jeremy Schoemaker”
Subject: Re: reporter with questions about Adword Arbitrage

You told me that you were cloaking your sites and I read about it in your blog…that’s what got me interested in this story in the first place. Are you angry that it looks like you were doing the mesothelioma thing in particular?
I’m not sure what’s so bad about that. But I’m sorry if you feel like I misrepresented you. I wrote that you were arbitraging terms like teeth whitening, mortgages and ringtones. The meso reference was meant just to be a simple example, though my editor added in a transition that might be misleading. I’m still not sure how this would be an issue. But if it is…my apologies.


Hrmm might be misleading? How about the 2 million dollar sum you name? I never even started doing arbitrage until last spring… I say that on my blog many times. (course that would mean you actually check sources)

I guess this is what people want to hear… even if its not true.

Google knows how I earn contextual income. Whats even funnier is I stoped doing a large margin of contextual advertising a long time ago since we signed direct advertisers.

ahh well I have work to do.