Be Careful With Journalists – Google Accused of funding Terrorists Part 2

Due to all the hype with the whole “Google funds Terrorism” stories going around the net my phone is ringing off the hook from reporters. Seriously like this is nuts. They also are not even caring about the click fraud issues they just want to know more about the Terrorist-Google connection.

Let me be clear – The data I reviewed was apache log files and other stuff pertaining to the AIT clickfraud claims. I have not seen and do not know of any secret Google Terrorist funding stuff.

Matt Cutts is all over digg and blogs commenting on this and dispelling Google Terrorist funding connections.

The sad part of this story (so far) is all the journalist want is me on record saying that Google is funding terrorism or some crap like that. They don’t even care about the click fraud case really they just hear Google funding terrorists and they taste blood.

Anyway just be careful when speaking with reporters. They are your best friend on the phone but in the end you are responsible for what you say. Don’t compromise yourself to make some headline.