Contextual Advertising – The Real Deal

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Today I gave my presentation at Chicago SES on Contextual Advertising. I talked about how I started and when I stopped.

I also talked about the grey area of contextual advertising.

Barry actually sums it up much better then I could ever here check it out =)

6 thoughts on “Contextual Advertising – The Real Deal

  1. Icheb

    “He said if you design a site with contextual ads in mind, your kinda doomed to fail right away.”

    Why are you doomed to fail? Because the emphasis is too much on ads?
    When I designed my latest site I reserved a certain spot for an ad right away. It’s not “in your face”, but still noticeable, which is why I personally wouldn’t make such a bold statement. However I’m really curious what you mean by that.

  2. Chris

    Some great information i like Jennifer Slegg’s idea of putting image only ads as a second ad unit to increase CPM earnings.

    Are there any recordings done during the conference?

  3. Jason Bartholme

    It was a good session, I took away some good tips for positioning my ads as well as using heat mapping. We already opened an account with this morning and are seeing real-time results.

    The site clinic was also helpful afterwards.

  4. Dave

    It was a good session, thanks to you and Jenn for your tips on the site. I’ll let you know how it goes when I implement them :)

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