Neil Patel On Tomorrows Net Income

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Neil Patel On the 11-28-2006 episode of Net Income my guest will be Neil Patel. Neil is the CTO of Advantage Consulting Services and is quickly making a name in the internet marketing world with his extensive knowledge of social voting services. ACS is also rocking it with If you have not checked out you need to. It will give you some really compelling stats about your website. Dont miss the show live 11-28-2006 at 5pm CST at

13 thoughts on “Neil Patel On Tomorrows Net Income

  1. Hawaii SEO

    Young & talented guy. I met him in Chicago last year and teased him about not being old enough to get into the parties.

    Very cool and down to earth guy.

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  3. NSUSA

    Darn it. Missed the show. Looking forward to get the podcast. I might even try the free option that crazyegg has. Thanks for bringing this to the show and your blog.


  4. bill

    CrazyEgg is pretty darn cool! Oddly.. I’m seeing connection attempts from my browser back to their server on port 1235 tcp when I’m ‘processing’ my test. Packet capture isn’t really telling me much. Anyone have idea why/what is this traffic? Anyone else notice this? My egress rules on my firewall caught this.. and I’m curious.

    Thanks all

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