Calacanis Canned, Google To Buy Nintendo, Dmoz Dead

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While I was at Pubcon I heard a rumor that Jason Calacanis had resigned. Then at one of the parties I talked to a person from AOL and she said that after all the scandals (digg, Adsense (overall Google relationship)) he caused in the last year they had to let him go. Of course its going to come out as a “resignation”…. lalala whatever. I gotta say I always liked him and I wish him the best. I am sure he will be successful at whatever he does. He is a real bulldog.

Lets see what else was discussed… well there was the whole Google buying Nintendo rumor that I first heard from a Yahoo person then I asked a few Googlers… 1 acted like they had no clue then the other said he also had heard the rumor but like many rumors… its just a rumor. I gotta say that would be pretty awesome though if Google did jump into the console gaming market. If you think about it they could kill 3 birds with one stone. It would be an awesome way to distribute videos, they could now have their cheap Google PC… AND THEY COULD PUT ADS ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Ok on to the last big thing I saw…. The DMOZ has been down evidently for over 10 days. Down meaning no editors or anyone can log in and do anything. Some of the editors I met at pubcon say its totally F’ed up.. like AOL is telling them its a bad hardware failure. Now I do not know anything first hand but I gotta think that if AOL really cared about it they would not let it be down to its editors for 10 days. I mean how are they going to approve their friends’ MFA sites? Anyway as usual when anything happens to dmoz people always wonder if this is the thing that will push Google over the edge to start their own directory… or more likely buy an existing well established directory.

There is a thread about this over on digitalpoint here people are paying their last respects to the DMOZ… its pretty hilarious. The thread was actually made on the 8th so if its back up now post up.

30 thoughts on “Calacanis Canned, Google To Buy Nintendo, Dmoz Dead

  1. Jason Rodriguez

    A Nintendo acquisition would be sweet. They’ve always had a very strong and respectable brand. Not to mention, their stock has nearly doubled this last year. So if these rumors turn out to be true, I think it’s time to pony up…

  2. Tom

    Jason is way to entreprenuerial to be stuck in a wasteland like AOL. They will continue to pick over the carcas instead of taking a premier address and turning it into cash cow it could be.

    God I do not miss the corporate life. lol

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  5. Alan@HealthyDietPodcast

    I would love to see the death of DMOZ. I’ve been trying for some time to get my sites into DMOZ and then as an editor, no luck, seems very exclusive. With all the controversy surrounding DMOZ as a whole, it’s about time it goes.

  6. Eli Burford

    Kind of sad about DMOZ, I submitted my main site just a few weeks ago, havn’t seen anything happen with it for a while :)

    Would be really nice if Google started their own cool web directory though for sure.

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  8. Simon

    I was wondering if it was just me or everyone had that downtime message. I just discovered it when it got down. From the look of it, it’s not like I missed something =P

  9. Dave Davis

    DMOZ has been down since the 20th. The meta editors have told us other editors on the editor forums that it was a hardware failure. I believe them. They also say that everything is back up and running and as of today, they are allowing certain editors access certain research servers. I’d give it a few more days.

    Google in the console market? It wouldn’t surprise me.

  10. Falafelkid

    Google taking over Nintendo is not going to happen. A Nintendo takeover would be near impossible for any company. I cannot find any reliable info on the total value of the company. Estimates on various forums range from thirty to forty billion US dollars.

    Either way, they seem to be well prepared. In June 2003, Nintendo repurchased almost 8 million of their own shares. Late last year, they bought another 2 million. Such moves are commonly seen as protecting themselves against possible takeovers.

    When Bill Gates expressed his continued interest in buying Nintendo in the summer of 2004, Games Industry reaffirmed that the majority of shares are held by former president Hiroshi Yamauchi. So nothing is going to happen without his approval. GI also called Nintendo ´the most profitable business in the games industry´.

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  12. Jamie

    Given the roughly one year post acquisition timing on this Calacanis bit, I tend to believe him. Probably had a payout clause tied to staying on board for a year post purchase, with a bigger payout if they canned him instead.

  13. LB

    I love Nintendo, I honestly feel that a Google buyout would be bad.

    I hate to see Google consolidating power at such a fast rate meanwhile doing things like bowing down to China, quality scoring, etc.

    I don’t think I’ll be paying for games that have ads in them. There is always the independent game creation market that will put games out without them.

    Perhaps a loading screen that says “drink Coke” or something but what else could they do? In-game spam mails?

    Yes, contextual ads in the in-game browser would work but no one has created in-game ads yet that aren’t total crap.

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  15. Brendon Sinclair

    Good riddance to DMOZ. I’d be keen – like many others – to see the back of it. It was good years ago but it’s been nothing but a joke for the last few years – it’s almost impossible to get a decent site reviewed and if the stories of editor corruption are true then it’s beyond a joke. It carried/carries far too much weight in Google for what is essentially a group of mates using it to approve each other’s sites.

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  18. AlterMac

    dmoz is down since Oct 24. Bad News for all those Copy-MFA-Directories and only a question of time when dmoz links will loose their Value on google PR.

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