Seomoz owner Rand Fishkin on Net Income


Last Tuesdays episode featured guest Rand Fishkin. You can listen to it here :

16 thoughts on “Seomoz owner Rand Fishkin on Net Income

  1. bwb

    Awesome show! Yes please have him on again, more SEO questions and answer from both of you is awesome!!

  2. John K

    The show was great. However, my two boys over hear the podcast and they say: “MAN Is that Guy STILL Talking?! What a blabber!” LoL :)

  3. Brian B

    Hey Shoe – I downloaded a bunch of your interviews and put them on my iPod. But the names for all of them are just “Shoemoney” I have no idea which show is which. Can you name your files so that when I listen on my iPod that I can figure out which is which? Maybe list the date in the filename or who the primary guest is? Gracias dude!

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