Seomoz owner Rand Fishkin on Net Income

by Jeremy Schoemaker on November 3, 2006 · 16 comments

Last Tuesdays episode featured guest Rand Fishkin. You can listen to it here :

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1 Juuso - Game Producer

Thanks for putting the “listen now” link right here on the website. Very easy to start listening now.

2 Caydel

That was a great show. You should make sure to have him on again!

3 bwb

Awesome show! Yes please have him on again, more SEO questions and answer from both of you is awesome!!

4 David Temple

Great show, thanks for the info. This is the first time I’ve listened and will add it to my feeds.

5 Geoffrey Faivre-Malloy

Listening to it now. As usual it’s good stuff!


6 JeffPosaka

This was a great show with a great guest. MUCH better than the porn or dating guys you had on the show.

7 Georgie

That was one of the best shows, Rand’s a good guest.

8 John K

The show was great. However, my two boys over hear the podcast and they say: “MAN Is that Guy STILL Talking?! What a blabber!” LoL :)

9 Ana

Awesome show. You should get more of people like him.

10 corey

“Would you ever consider 301ing something like that?”


Good stuff.

11 MistaJohn

Which 80′s musical groups are in the running to be booked for your Million Dollar Bash?

12 Ituloy Angsulong


13 Bulbboy

What 80s band would you hire for your party, Shoe?

Huey Lewis and the News? :)

14 Brian B

Hey Shoe – I downloaded a bunch of your interviews and put them on my iPod. But the names for all of them are just “Shoemoney” I have no idea which show is which. Can you name your files so that when I listen on my iPod that I can figure out which is which? Maybe list the date in the filename or who the primary guest is? Gracias dude!

15 ShoeMoney

its webmasterradio that produces the mp3s. I will pass along your feedback

16 Wealthy Webmaster

One of my co-workers just had a baby about the same time as you and they dressed him up as a pea pod too. Very nice. :)

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