Elite Retreat December 18-19 San Antonio

I am proud to announce I will be one of the Facilitators at the Elite Retreat. This is a really new and interesting style of conference. This is open to a very select group of people who maybe feel like they are on the verge of something big within there company but just need a little help to get over the edge. No matter what that is we should have you covered. We have assembled a team that can cover any area of business on the internet.

Application Process –

People who want to attend the elite retreat need to fill out a brief application of what they expect to get out of the conference. This helps us determine if for sure we can help you. It is not automatic that everyone will be approved for this retreat. If we feel we truely will not be able to help you then there is not use in wasting your time and money.

The Price – $4850 (includes meals check agenda for more info)

We had a really hard time coming up with a price. There are a lot of expenses with the hotel. I had no idea how expensive some of them were. The bottom line is when it came down to it was that we wanted to have an event where we can have a lot of quality time with EVERY person that attends yet at the same time cover expenses and if we are lucky turn a little profit. So we are only opening this up to 35 people. (I have been told 2 spots are already sold) so make that 33 now. Also we decided to not allow any form of sponsorship from companies. This was a pretty large impact as well to the final price decision but we did not want people to get taken away from the main goal. IMHO anyone who is approved through the application process (meaning we strongly feel we can help them achieve there goal they filled out in the application) should see a return on this small fee within 1-2 months.

Other facilitators for this event-

Lee Dodd – Forum and Community Legend
David Taylor – Blogging And Online Business Trends
Aaron Wall – The guy who wrote the book on SEO.

I will be speaking focusing on a topics such as ppc, arbitrage, search engine marketing, but mostly the importance of self branding.

The ratio of Facilitators to attendees will be a unheard of 1:6.

This is not a listen to the speakers then go home kind of deal. We want to get to know you and your business on a 1-1 level then formulate a “plan of attack” with you to help you and your business succeed. We also will have follow up calls with you to see if you have run into any obstacles and to check on over all progress.

Special Items Of Interest-

We will formulate a “plan of attack” for you and your company and then follow up with you on your progress.

You will receive a ipod with tons of content from each of the facilitators.

You will also receive certificates good for coaching calls with facilitators.

You can see the full agenda posted here
To signup or for more information goto http://www.eliteretreat.info