Elite Retreat December 18-19 San Antonio

by Jeremy Schoemaker on October 31, 2006 · 40 comments

I am proud to announce I will be one of the Facilitators at the Elite Retreat. This is a really new and interesting style of conference. This is open to a very select group of people who maybe feel like they are on the verge of something big within there company but just need a little help to get over the edge. No matter what that is we should have you covered. We have assembled a team that can cover any area of business on the internet.

Application Process -

People who want to attend the elite retreat need to fill out a brief application of what they expect to get out of the conference. This helps us determine if for sure we can help you. It is not automatic that everyone will be approved for this retreat. If we feel we truely will not be able to help you then there is not use in wasting your time and money.

The Price – $4850 (includes meals check agenda for more info)

We had a really hard time coming up with a price. There are a lot of expenses with the hotel. I had no idea how expensive some of them were. The bottom line is when it came down to it was that we wanted to have an event where we can have a lot of quality time with EVERY person that attends yet at the same time cover expenses and if we are lucky turn a little profit. So we are only opening this up to 35 people. (I have been told 2 spots are already sold) so make that 33 now. Also we decided to not allow any form of sponsorship from companies. This was a pretty large impact as well to the final price decision but we did not want people to get taken away from the main goal. IMHO anyone who is approved through the application process (meaning we strongly feel we can help them achieve there goal they filled out in the application) should see a return on this small fee within 1-2 months.

Other facilitators for this event-

Lee Dodd – Forum and Community Legend
David Taylor – Blogging And Online Business Trends
Aaron Wall – The guy who wrote the book on SEO.

I will be speaking focusing on a topics such as ppc, arbitrage, search engine marketing, but mostly the importance of self branding.

The ratio of Facilitators to attendees will be a unheard of 1:6.

This is not a listen to the speakers then go home kind of deal. We want to get to know you and your business on a 1-1 level then formulate a “plan of attack” with you to help you and your business succeed. We also will have follow up calls with you to see if you have run into any obstacles and to check on over all progress.

Special Items Of Interest-

We will formulate a “plan of attack” for you and your company and then follow up with you on your progress.

You will receive a ipod with tons of content from each of the facilitators.

You will also receive certificates good for coaching calls with facilitators.

You can see the full agenda posted here
To signup or for more information goto http://www.eliteretreat.info

full disclosure

About the author...

– who has written 2895 posts on ShoeMoney.com.

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 pops

This seems very reasonable. I have spent the same amount of money and not recieved nearly the amount of access to such a wealth of information. Good Luck with it Shoe!

2 Anteros

This is just what I need to help make my site a big success, the only problem is that I’m tens of thousands kilometers away :(

3 Brad

Sweet, something for the already rich. Thanks! ;[

4 TheHostHunter

Great idea, and I hope you do another one of these events next year when I’ll actually have enough money to sign up!

5 ShoeMoney

As said above its for a limited audience. I sugest going to one of the bigger conferences like pubcon or search engine stragegies if you are just starting out.

Shoemoney 6 pez

I emailed my boss tonight about it I think 2 from my department will be going.

7 justme

Thats great! I was a little worried about the price, but now I see that there is a meal included.

8 Darren

Sounds like a great idea and something quite similar to some ideas I was kicking around a few weeks back. Would love to be involved. Maybe next time. Hope it goes well – looking on with interest!

9 Tracy

Hey Shoe, your link for david taylor should be askdavetaylor.com, instead of askdavidtaylor.com.

Elite Retreat sounds interesting but kind of pricy for me at the moment.

10 scoreboard

I live in San Antonio. Let me know if y’all need help with the non-conference evening itinerary.

11 Cygnus

I just applied Shoe; I look forward to meeting you if selected.

12 Peter

Read through all of Shoemoney’s blog posts + DigitalPoint posts if you’re just starting out. There is so much good information available and its free . It can easily get you to 10,000 a month. I learnt quite a bit from his posts and I’ll get him a drink at Pubcon if I can find him:)

This event is targeted to those who already have a thriving business.

13 Lee

I certainly look forward to hanging out and networking with the attendees. This is going to be a blast and full of value!

14 Monty

Awesome idea, but 1 week before Christmas?!? Tough date to make…

15 andrew wee

hey guys,
my take:
if you’ve already a blog up and are generating a couple hundred bucks to a few thousand a month, then shoe, lee, aaron and dave can easily bring you to the next level.

and i think a lot of people are always focused on the investment, rather than the outcome.

it’s definitely a legitimate concern, i think all of us either start from a position of little funds, or maybe even being massively in debt.

but an investment in your knowledge and personal development is one of the best investment you can make.

as soon as i get $5.5k into my kitty (to pay for airfare from singapore), i’m heading over.

remember though, the faciltiators are working through an action plan for you. and if you take concrete action, you have a more than fair chance of succeeding.

they’re also gonna be doing follow up calls and stuff.
so your investment could potentially pay back a hundred times, and generate a sustainable income for you.

i dont know how you’d price that, but if it’s within your budget, $4.9k is a worthwhile investment.

16 RobertS (sd2001)

I can swing the price, but I don’t consider myself “advanced” enough for the material. Will this be offered again next year? Quarter? Ever again?

17 Lee


We aren’t sure on future conferences and nothing is planned at this time. It would neat if it works out that way, but we just don’t know at this point. Regarding your view of “not being advanced enough”, I would have only wished I could have gotten in to something like this in my early days of web business. It certainly would have sped up my journey a great deal!


18 Jason Geiger

It would be great if there was a contest where this was a prize.

19 Bedago

I would absolutely be there but unfortunately my wife is due that week.

Hopefully this one won’t be the last Elite Retreat!

20 Chris

Hey Shoe – sounds like an awesome retreat!

21 Andrea

Any level is welcome at the Elite Retreat

22 andrew wee

Andrea: I just love your voiceover.

Perhaps I’ll use it as my XP bootup ‘sound’.
or maybe offer it as a ringtone download and give the ringtoneking a run for his money.


23 Kevin

Do you have any spaces remaining? I’m still debating and figuring out the costs from NYC, hotel and other expenses. When is the deadline to make a decision? Feel free to email me.

24 Kevin

Also, I’m new to the game, only a few months in. Would it be worth it for someone who is still a newbie? I would be jumping in with almost no knowledge.

25 Lee Dodd

We do have spaces remaining, and you have time to secure your seat at the conference. Regarding the time in business, I would imagine that you would have lots to learn and take away from a close knit conference like this. The relationships and ideas alone could be worth 10 times the cost of attendance.

Lee Dodd

26 ToddW

Kevin- I think as long as you understand what’s being talked about you can benefit from it greatly. If you go there and it sounds like another language you probably wont gain to much ;)

27 Kevin

I understand all the topics that will be discussed, I did a good amount of research in the past months. Anyway, I submiitted an app earlier today.

28 Peter

How long does it take to know whether you got accepted? My friend tried to join, and still no reply after 2-3 days.

29 Lee

All communications have been sent. Ask him to email us if he hasn’t yet received a notification.

30 Chris Hooley

I’m going, but I goota be honest, I’m only going for the pecan crusted chicken.

31 broker1

Sounds like fun. If it is a big success maybe have one closer to me here in Cali..I could probably make that one. good luck guys.

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