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Sumo BagA few months ago I picked up one of these bad ass Sumo bags. I would call it a beanbag but that doesn’t do it justice. Its like a beanbag for adults. I chill out on it and watch tv or play xbox360 or just hang out with my 4.2 month old baby girl Juliet. I highly recommend these bags they are the

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27 thoughts on “Omni Sumo Bag From Sumolounge

  1. Say No to Crack

    Wow, that’s really cool. Certainly much better than my $25 bean bag chair from 20 years ago.

    The funny thing is that this post came up when I searched for ‘Kung Fu Baby’ after just posting Kung Fu Baby in my blog. Maybe your daughter Juliet versed in Kung Fu? 😉

  2. andrew wee

    The omni looks cool.

    Pity they don’t have an affiliate prog up yet.

    And I think they could bump up the viral nature of their ‘funny video’ and unleash it on youtube.

  3. BlueBobbo

    Haha nice! I love how they show these hot girls sleeping in, on, and around these sumo bags.

    Now if the hot girls came with the pillows that’d be hawtness.

  4. Alex

    You need a sac for your bathroom? Firstly, how big is your bathroom, and secondly, are you planning on carving a big hole in the middle of the love sac so you can put it on the toilet? That’s one hell of a big toilet seat.

  5. John

    It’s funny. I found the Sumo lounge through this blog post a few days ago. Today, I got an email from Sumo offering to send me a free Sumo lounge in exchange for a review on my site. You didn’t sell out to the temptation did you, Shoe? Don’t feel too bad, I probably will too. These things look awesome.

    On another note, what an awesome advertising strategy! Check this out:

  6. ShoeMoney

    They did send me a free one but there was no agreement for a blog post. I actually offered to pay them for it twice and they said don’t worry about it. I get sent stuff all the time for free that I never blog about. I always offer to purchase the item… especially if I use it.

  7. Mike

    Nice. Our rocking chair is falling apart from the kids jumping and climbing on and off of it. This might be a good replacement.

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  10. Sofa Beanbags

    There is a coffee shop in your neighbourhood. Go and ask if they have any of those bags, and if you can have one or two (don’t get greedy). They certainly can’t refuse you. They don’t really use them for anything else, and might give them to you, if they throw them out.

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