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There is a post over at digitalpoint which I thought was really neat. A guy after reading about my experiemnts with ppc was inspired and started to do his own stuff. After trial and error he eventually found his grove. He makes some great points about why you need to learn how its done and not just try to copy.

Ok, i never wanted to tell anyone about this, i dont know shoemoney, also i dont know anybody in this internet business, but i can tell you one thing.

My whole family was in debt, years!! and not only 50K like shoe wrotes in this post, we lost our home and everything you ever can lose, i tried so many things in my whole life that i cant list them all, always trying to make some money, sometimes i succeded, sometimes not, well most times not!

Some day i found internet is a business that its worth to give it a shot, i tried it with ebay, was sucessfull a few months and i was able to pay a lot of the debt we had, i thought i discovered THE only way to make money online, until i read a few months ago an post by some guy called “shoemoney”, you all know which post i mean exactly.

This post changed my life, i tried MONTHS to copy his results he had with ringtones but i didnt succeded, only made little profits, the bills on my desk growed to an huge mountain, and i always had the thought of giving up.

Until i thought by myself, why copy him why not give your own ideas a chance? And this was exactly the day i started making profits, today i earn more a month than i ever thought i will, in a few weeks all my bills are paid and i can start a whole new life!

I dont say that it was shoemoney alone that brought me success, it was me alone, but he gave me the idea of doing other things like cpa combined with pcc, sites with subscription member areas and adsense and whatever, all i can say to all you other guys out there that always ask how to have success, read his posts, read what he wrotes OVER MONTHS, combine the results and you have an good way to start, an very good way.

And dont do only ringtones, dont do only that what shoemoney does, do a lot of other things that add up to an neach amount of profit, that is not only an nice income it gives you more safety in this business…Do your own stuff dont try to copy the success of someone else exactly, you will fail.

I lost a LOT of money in a phase of my life where i needed every damn cent i earned, for paying my debt always in fear that i lose my bankaccount or my internet trough this damn debt, but i continued and succeded at last. And now that i know “the secret” of internet marketing, im so sure me and my whole family will have a bright future and we will be able again to have things most other people think are naturally, as example making a holiday somewhere or having food in your refrigerator at any time.

Do all things you can, dont rely on just PPC, do exactly with what you had success and if its only making $2 out of $1… What i learned now, if you found a niche were you can double your spending and even if its only $1, you can do the exact same thing over and over again until you have $10k to spend…

If you only read forums and wait for someone to tell you how you have to do something to have success, you will fail! For sure.

Ah forget that lol, and i didnt even emailed the guy called “shoemoney” once, only readed his post and then trained myself all alone what i know, thats why im saying i did it on my own, hell i didnt even knowed html or php a year ago, my html i know i learned since ive done ebay descriptions for my shop, and the php i know ive learned after reading shoemoneys post and experimented a bit with wordpress. You all are alone responsible what you eat, if its noudlesoup 3 times a day or caviar, what you expect from other people? That they tell you what made them rich or what? The infos shoemoney handed out are worth a TON of gold… you just have to combine the posts he made over a few months, im sure he didnt even know how much info he really handed out ;o)

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  1. babasave

    So everyone can do it? That’s what you tell people? Unfort thats not true. Only very little make a real good living or even more even less stay the distance. You won’t just find money on the street.

  2. Andrey

    Very nice. Shoemoney you definitely have the ways to inspire people, thank you for that. The post has a very good point, don’t pe a copycat, don’t try to do what many people are doing already, you sure can make some living by doing so, because there some proven formulas, but you would not be successful in a big way. Find a niche for yourself, come up with a good idea. There is still a lot of potential, and a lot money to be made on the web. i certainly belive it and i work hard to reach my own success, and i will get there.

  3. Capitalist Pig

    If everyone could do it, there wouldn’t be any value in it. But, everyone does have the opportunity though. It’s what you do with the opportunity that determines your success.

  4. Raf

    Yeah that would be cool idea…get him to come on the show.
    Very inspiring.Iยดm in a similar situation as he was right now.

  5. andrew wee

    damn inspirational.
    finding your own path is important and i see a number of posts going on about clocking up obscene amounts of hours per day and not seeing much results. i did a bit of that earlier on, just focus on taking massive action.

    now i realize spending
    a) 45% of my time and resouces doing the planning
    b) 45% taking action yields greater results.
    c) 10% analyzing what went right and more importantly, what went wrong

    yields a better investment for me.

    i guess you’d call it works smart, not just hard.

  6. RSadverts

    This guy’s post over at digitalpoint must be pretty rewarding to you Shoemoney. Gaining personal wealth is what most of us are striving to achieve, but inspiring others to learn is gold to a teacher. The circle is complete when the student not only successfully applies the lessons, but also shares his experiences so as to inspire others to do the same. I hope you keep doin’ what y’er doin’ Shoe.

  7. Andrew Johnson

    All of my most successful projects since December of last year have come directly from the ideas you wrote about on this blog.

    I am baffled at the reasonings people have for not doing things. The people who have the attitude of “since not everyone can do this, I can’t do it” must be losers in their entire lives. This is a multi-multi billion dollar industry. Markets are evolving, growing, and contracting so fast that there are virtually unlimited oppurtunities.

    I don’t know why so many people dismiss this industry. If they really hate this work, I understand.. but, if not? This is one of the biggest oppurtunities perhaps in history. The commoditization of what are multi-billion dollar technologies has led to the democratization of commerce.

    This is hardly limited to PPC or affiliate marketing.. the #1 online game, Counter-Strike, was created by one person. The next generation of stars are being discovered on YouTube. Buzz generated by a handful of individuals turns ordinary movies like Snakes on a Plane into blockbusters.

    If you don’t take the biz seriously, don’t be pissed when you can’t make any money or achieve any success.

  8. David

    Great post – the spellings & grammar give it a better ring of reality. I guess this is the reason why I also read SM – get the information that can let you take control of your life. Thanks J!

  9. theinspiredguy

    I feel honored that you post my DP posting here ;o) Even if you dont noted the guy that helped me, for what i asked you with a PM… Guys, sorry for my grammar, the day that you talk to me in German (Better than i do it now in english) is the day you can flame me for my bad grammar :P. All i wanted to show with my post is that people dont have to flame others in forum (in this case int_josh vs. shoemoney) only because shoemoney or others dont hand out the holy grail! I learned all i know in the timespan of now 8 months, incl. html and some php. I’m not rich by now, but i earn an really nice amount of money and from month to month approx. 30-40% more than the month before. Everyone can do it, when he works hard, works instead of going out with friends, works instead of going to bed with your girl, and works in general much more than others. Later on, you will have enough time, a nice car, a nice house and nice holidays.

  10. Anteros

    Just after redoing my site twice and still getting bad critics about the design and concept I read this post and was very encouraging. I started working again and now It’s doing great =D. I hope my projects keep getting better, bigger and more original. BTW, I love Noodle soup, I will never change it for caviar unless it comes with raw fish and vinegar rice =D

  11. Digger

    “works instead of going to bed with your girl” … whoa there sparky… you’ve gone too far! Give the girl 30 minutes sheesh…

  12. andrew wee

    from month to month approx. 30-40% more than the month before

    —the key to success is repeating what works.

    perhaps you might like ot work on an ebook sometime int_josh.

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  14. Music Boxes

    I couldn’t agree with that post more! Shoe was a valuable source of basic information to me in the beginning, but you really need to explore opportunities for yourself with an open mind.

  15. Bulbboy

    “8 months, incl.html and some php”
    Now that is inspiring, Theinspiredguy!
    Almost makes me want to say:
    “Ich liebe Dich”. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  17. Sucker

    Man, I just keep looking for someone to do the work for me. I guess I’ll move on…

    But maybe babasave is wrong and I can find some money on the street ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Nitin Malhotra

    I could have written almost the same post … except I wasn’t in debt and I was already getting some healthy monthly checks :p

    But still, I’ve had tons of new good ideas come to me from your blog and radio show … keep on a rockin’ stud!

  19. Eugene Loj

    It’s good to know that people can put together all the great online information and make it work. You can easily get lost in the messaging. Make sure you keep the great info coming!

  20. Brendon

    Nice stuff.

    Paralysis by analysis is an old saying but truer today than ever. There is so much content to read that there can be the temptation to keep on reading, rather than doing.

    Pick 1-3 people you trust (that’s the hard bit) and read them.

    And execute, execute, execute. That’s the even harder bit.
    I’m a dumb ass guy who has never designed a site in my life, know almost zero code (heh, but I do know that this: bolds words!) and can hardly edit a graphic and I’ve had a little success with web sites too.

    Just do stuff without thinking about it – amazing how many things that leads to.

  21. Clint Lenard

    I agree! Unfortunately there’s always going to be those types of people. Those are the same people that probably still believe guys like Shoemoney are wasting their lives working for themselves and “taking too much of a risk”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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