Click Fraud Crap

I keep seeing a new story every day about how the paid search placement is UBER F00ked because of all this click fraud…. Whatever…. I am pretty newb to this whole ppc game. I just started about jan/feb of this year but I learned very quickly how to generate my own fraud reports and submit them to the ppc engines. Every-time I have been refunded for the fraudulent clicks.

What do I do ? Its not really rocket science… I take a hash of the users ip and browser agent and store that into a database along with the timestamp they clicked. Then at the end of the month I generate the report of duplicate hashes over X amount (sometimes this is 10k or more duplicate/fraud clicks). I then send a summary report to all the ppc engines respectively and attached is a complete log.

I think GOOGLE/YAHOO/MSN CLICK FRAUD sells a lot of papers and it might be going on but they do everything in there power to stop it and also refund you. As long as you provide them with the information.

I know many of you are probably thinking well SURE WE DO ALL THE WORK FOR THEM…. well that is a good point and I dont really have a answer for that. Perhaps someday we could get the big 3 PPC engines to work together on a single reporting standard for fraud clicks where we all can just submit our reports the way they want them.