VIVA Las Vegas UFC 64

by Jeremy Schoemaker on October 13, 2006 · 23 comments

UFC 64I am headed to Las Vegas to go to UFC 64 “Unstopable” live tomorrow night at Mandalay Bay. If anyone gets it on Pay-Per-View keep a eye out for me ;) We have excellent seats (3rd row of the floor) thanks to my friends at Everyone have a good weekend!

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1 anon

I think that PRIDE is the real thing. Fedor or CroCop can beat anyone from UFC (just my opinion).

2 Mike

Franklin and Silva should be a good fight. Maybe Franklin will drop to one knee like he told Matt Serra to do.

3 ViciousSummer

Say hi to Shawn for me. He’s on his way there right now :).

4 Chis

Could someone explaine to me what UFC is! I’m English (and have just come in from a night out)?

5 Martin

I guess it’s Ultimate Fighting Championship. Shoe you could find better things to do in LV then watching people hitting each other? No? :-) You probably already saw the show, but the MGM Grand is featuring KA from le Cirque du Soleil not far from Mandalay Bay and there are matrix-style real-time fighting scenes that are probably more interesting to watch than real blood scenes at UFC ! :-) Have a good time and tell us if the fights were great.

6 Shawn Hogan

Haha… I’m reading your blog from my room at Mandalay Bay right now. :)

7 jeremy860

^ Lucky SOBs! I went through Vegas a few weeks ago after driving 1800 miles from North Dakota all the way to Lake Havasu, Arizona. Once I got to Vegas the traffic pretty much scared me away LOL.

8 GeorgeB

Don’t you sponsor one of the fighters shoe?

9 ShoeMoney

We worked out a deal for Matt Hughes had the date and everything ready then his wife had to have emergency surgery the same day. After that I was super busy with conferences and stuff so we never hooked back up

10 Dino

Haha, lucky you sure would like to Vegas and watch UFC. =p

11 mitemous

i’ll keep an eye out for you on the 60″ Plasma..

12 Andrea

wtf dude?

13 Dr G

Franklin is gonna work Silva, Kenny’s fight should be interesting. Have fun buddy!

14 Derek

You should have beaten him senseless for ditching you!

15 Matt

He didn’t invite you!?

16 Theo

DP forums still down.
Shawn, wake up!

17 mrrbob

I am in vegas for the next 4 days on “business” staying at the Rio. Hit me up if you want to get together and talk shop or have lunch etc. My days are free and nights booked.

18 Ken Savage


19 Karate Junkie


That is so cool. I’ll be expecting you to get a pic of you and Dana White.

20 Brock Alderman

I hope my little brothers were good company out there. I know they can get a little crazy.

21 Derrick

U lucky bastard. Have fun!

22 Igor M. (BizMord Blog)

I sometimes buy it on PPV but I am sure it’s more fun to watch live. Enjoy Shoe.

23 Luke

They guys at XY7 really know how to treat their affiliates :)

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