VIVA Las Vegas UFC 64

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UFC 64I am headed to Las Vegas to go to UFC 64 “Unstopable” live tomorrow night at Mandalay Bay. If anyone gets it on Pay-Per-View keep a eye out for me 😉 We have excellent seats (3rd row of the floor) thanks to my friends at Everyone have a good weekend!

23 thoughts on “VIVA Las Vegas UFC 64

  1. Martin

    I guess it’s Ultimate Fighting Championship. Shoe you could find better things to do in LV then watching people hitting each other? No? :-) You probably already saw the show, but the MGM Grand is featuring KA from le Cirque du Soleil not far from Mandalay Bay and there are matrix-style real-time fighting scenes that are probably more interesting to watch than real blood scenes at UFC ! :-) Have a good time and tell us if the fights were great.

  2. jeremy860

    ^ Lucky SOBs! I went through Vegas a few weeks ago after driving 1800 miles from North Dakota all the way to Lake Havasu, Arizona. Once I got to Vegas the traffic pretty much scared me away LOL.

  3. ShoeMoney

    We worked out a deal for Matt Hughes had the date and everything ready then his wife had to have emergency surgery the same day. After that I was super busy with conferences and stuff so we never hooked back up

  4. mrrbob

    I am in vegas for the next 4 days on “business” staying at the Rio. Hit me up if you want to get together and talk shop or have lunch etc. My days are free and nights booked.

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