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For those that care Google is rolling out a pagerank update. It looks like is going to a pr6 ?!? woot ( I only care when my pr goes up)

Check Your url: (if your pr goes down or stays the same then act like you dont care otherwise PARTY LIKE ITS 1999)

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36 thoughts on “Google Pagerank Update Underway

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  2. Dio

    Shawn had better not mention the PR’s gone up at DP, there’ll be a string of ‘Who cares about PR’ posts soon after. 😉

    Apparently, this one’s only on old sites – not seen any news sites getting the green bar loving yet.

  3. Derek Hail

    I’m rather excited. I’ve had a page rank 3 for so long, but after reading both Shoemoney’s blog, Seobook, seoegghead, and a few others, I’m jumping from a 3 to a 6! I’m excited.

  4. port orange real estate

    I noticed an increase in PR on a couple of the datacenters. Looks like 4 of the datacenters are showing a PR 4 and the others are showing a lower PR. Does that mean my PR may increase or do all the datacenters have to show an increased PR?

  5. Catherine Seda

    Ouch. Okay…

    The article—all of the speakers approved their comments before my article was published (I don’t want to risk misrepresenting them). In follow-up interviews, I did ask several folks for more info so each person could express his/her viewpoint (hence, the additional comments from Kris).

    People are passionate about arbitrage. They love it or loathe it. The speakers made that point clear. I wanted to show these extremes to people who couldn’t be there. That’s why I ended my article with “Generally speaking, business owners and marketing agencies see arbitrage as a detrimental practice, while those profiting as ad publishers and affiliates like the opportunity arbitrage presents.?

    The session—hey now; I don’t recall jumping up and down for Tim (although you paint a pretty funny picture). Nope, I just met him at SES. I think explaining the debate between Tim and Jake shows how (in general), people doing arbitrage think it’s good while those who don’t think it’s bad. Obviously, this is an over-simplified explanation. However, it’s easier to start here when writing an article that has to be understood by a newbie audience too.

    Hey Kris, thanks for commenting. I’ve sent this to the panelists for their comments. Yup, good link bait for you.

  6. caydel

    I have seen movement for a few of my sites, but nothing for the vast majority of them. My Blog, as well as my articles site at seem to be staying at a PR0. I wonder why – both of them should have gotten something – I was half expecting PR3-PR4 for both of them in this update.

  7. Shawn Hogan

    Actually, I figured out why it’s PR8. The root of the domain isn’t even the highest PR page in the domain (for the last 3 months according to Google Sitemaps). :)

  8. teddy

    i notice this google pr as well since yesterday, when i checked two of my sites pr, one of them go up from 0 to 4. btw, site showing pr 6 in my browser here.

  9. The Warcraft Millionaire

    Paaartay! One 0->6, a couple 5->6, and several 4->5. Now one of my main sites ranks #2 for a few search terms. Thank you google!

    Does anyone know of a site that tracks when google updates pagerank and the overall effect of the update?

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