Google Adsense Sent Me A LavaLamp

by Jeremy Schoemaker on September 13, 2006 · 33 comments

So I got this package today from Google and I was like wow… what could it be..

Its a Yellow lavalamp… doesnt say anything Google on the lavalamp it self. Kind of weird its just a plain old lavalamp.

Attached was a card thanking me for testing the premium content MTV video ads with AdSense.

Thanks Google I think this is going to make a great kind of night light.

Google lava lamp

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1 avantrosa

Sweeeet… You allowed to disclose performance on those video ads?

2 James

Maybe they’ve installed a little secret camera to spy on you!

3 ShoeMoney

I saw about a 25% over where the normal text ad was. Since this is a premiere program that could be mostly due to the increased rev split.

Shoemoney 4 s

No offense but that is the gayest thing ive ever seen

5 Jason Bailey

heh – cheap. Overture sent me a Lavalamp just for being an all around good fella years ago… What DIDN’T Google steal from them…?

6 Pootis

i am guessing by your post that you got a free lava lamp, made some assumptions based on its shape and “nice, warm feel” and have been abusing it in a way that was not intended by the maker.

FYI… its just a lamp. Just a conversation piece.

Take yours out of the sock drawer, wash it off one more time (better use bleach) and put it on a shelf in the living room where it belongs.

7 mattboy

man, that is so 90′s…….is that the best they could come up with

8 Bulbboy

More like so 60s, very retro.
Very cool, but very hot also.
Remember to keep Juliet’s little prying fingers away form it when she is old enough to explore everything!
Better off with an LED light as a night light, much cooler, no need to replace bulbs and cheaper to run. :)

9 garrett


10 Arthur

that’s cool man! i mean hot lava lamp

11 Andrea

lava lamps are sweet :)

12 Keith Cash

That is cool. The only freebees i ever get are pens and notepads.

13 Rick

*GASP* Is that a freakin cubs hat on your head?!?

14 scott thompson

A guy in my office has a Google lava lamp. I think he stole if from a Google party here in Atlanta when he was drunk. It looks nice in his office.

15 James

Sounds like a recycled gift they had lying around from last year’s Christmas party.

16 Zach Graham

LOL that is sweet. Although, I would rather have something besides yellow myself…do you think Google would mind if you sent it back and asked for a different color?

17 stu

All google ever sent me was “your adsense account got banned” email, in fact they have sent me several. I must be special.

18 Mike McD

WTF? They mailed out aspirin to another developer two weeks ago, now they’re sending you a lava lamp?

They must think you’re a stoner or something.

19 monks

I got a couple Google lava lamps with google logos a couple months ago. Remember, lava lamps work because they get very hot…they were a huge fire hazard back in the day…although this could have been because of the other activies taking place while using the lamps….


20 Bill

Wow! So, you finally got the lava lamp. We actually got a Google couch back in 2003.

The least they could do is put a Google sticker on the thing.

21 Game Producer

Lol, one more reason to get into adsense ;)

22 _asais

It is really nice that Google thinks about publishers.

23 Karl Ribas

Forget the lava-lamp for a sec… is that a Chicago Cubs hat on your head. Is ShoeMoney a cubs fan?

24 Patrick

That is pretty neat.

25 atlanta wedding photographer

Somewhere in the google office someone is asking, “Has anyone seen my Lava Lamp?!?!?!?!”

26 Han Gotts

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