My Top 10 Worst Ideas To Make Money

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I think I am about 5 for 500 when it comes to successful ideas vs flops. I just watched a documentary about my neighbor Warren Buffett and he talked about how you should brag about your failures and be humble about your successes. I think my new years resolution in 2007 is to be way more humble. Do not think I have some golden touch or something that everything works out great… its just the law of averages.. try enough stuff and something will stick.

Anyway I came up (in about 10 minutes) my top 10 worst ideas to make money that totally were a waste of time and effort (and money in some cases).

And also BTW you cant read this post if you know me in real life and k thx…

  1. FireFox Forum ( – I purchased this site on digitalpoint ($800) after getting some inside information that FireFox was going to team up with Google on a per download affiliate program. Well all that happened and I think I made about 50$ the first year. FLOP
  2. – If you were about to have a baby you could go on this site and punch in some numbers then it would email you as your baby was growing and let you know what was going on… “like 10 days until you should be able to tell the sex of your baby!” or “Babys heart beat starts today” ect.. stuff like that.. I paid to have the backend developed and the site was about 95% completed (about a 1500$ investment).Then a very close friend of the family had a miscarriage about 15 weeks into her pregnancy and told us about how she had signed up for all these baby websites and now they keep emailing her stuff and she breaks down and cries every time…. I just wanted no part of that… FLOP
  3.  Pimp My Blog – I thought this was going to be teh win. I mean… you want to pimp out your blog right ? I registered but it was burning my ass that someone owned I hate making a site when I do not own the .com. Sure you can do good without owning the .com but they are always going to mooch off of your hard work…. so I HAD to own it and after about 3 weeks of haggling with this guy I paid $2,000.00 for the domain.
  4. I made a forum with Vbulletin and had big plans to implement wordpress templates and all kinds of cool blogging tools but just never got around to it =p. FLOP
  5. – Now here we go! This is easy. Just make a used car site and charge dealers a .25cent per car listing fee right ? ehhh none interested… FLOP
  6.  SMS Text Dating – I was soooooooo sure this one was going to be it! The concept is simple basically you subscribe to this dating website. Make a profile then you could send a message to the person from the website to there mobile phone without having to know there phone number. I had this totally done and nobody every signed up… FLOP
  7.  St. Marry’s Bar & Grill – Ok this has nothing to do with the internet. After the Hooters closed down in Lincoln I tried to re-open it then when that did not work out I thought about making a restaurant called St. Marrys where it was like a church and the waitresses dressed like catholic school girls and like the nuns would be the managers and spank the waitresses if they were bad?!? Yes I know bad idea and I never really pursued it…. I like in one of the most conservative catholic communities in the country so no way it would fly… and yes i know im going straight to hell.
  8. 2 Topless Chix In A Ferrari Cross Country – What would get more looks then a brand new ferrari f430 ? what if 2 topless girls were driving it cross country ? what if you could buy advertising on the car ? seemed like a good idea… then it did not.
  9. Ads Or Not – Simple concept. There is 5 ads on a webpage only one of them is NOT REALLY A AD! Each time you successfully spot the fake ad you get some money built up into your account. – I had issues finding advertisers who were down for this =P FLOP
  10. ShoeMoney SEO Contest – I thought it would be fun contest to see if someone could outrank me for shoemoney.  While it attracted a lot of white hat SEO’s it was the blackhats that really dominated… but the methods they used cause me so much problems.  Id like to not relive that.
  11. ShoeMoney Petroleum Company -(I cant believe im actually telling these in public)

Ok Follow me here

I want to purchase a Gas Station and Give away Free Gas

The catch is like the gas would come out really slow and also you would be limited as to how much you could get per week. (Like max 50 gallons a week).

How do I make money ? EASY – I would setup paintball guns around the gas station with webcams that would let people from the internet take shots at the people filling up there cars with gas. You could charge per shot or a xxxx amounts of shots per month for a set fee. PROBLEM – I talked to a city council member about this and he told me there was a “no flying ordinance” or something rule within city limits however I could maybe do it in the country…

Anyway….. thats all for now my worst money making ideas.

698 thoughts on “My Top 10 Worst Ideas To Make Money

    1. Manzanillo Blogger

      The thing is, people would actually go! Heck I would go. It’s free gas. The best thing is that then you could set up an automatic car wash at your gas station and charge a premium for it.

    2. Make money online with a 17 year old kid

      Hi Shoelover. Your name suggests that you are a big fan of shoemoney. Well I too think that 1st one was funny but I enjoyed the 4th one the most.

      And a $800 investment for a website that earned $50 the whole year has really warned me. I was going to buy such site at sitepoint.

      Thx a lot for this post ShoeMoney. Now a know what I don’t need to do to earn money online. Thx again.


    3. wayno

      ShoeMoney Petroleum Company , Now thats funny

      I have an idea-How about an internet dunk tank- hot chicks in bikinis- $10 for 2 shots,

      Think of the media sensation -Contact ME

  1. Tom

    The petroleum company had me nearly wetting my pants laughing so hard. What a great warped idea.

    The other weakness though is the trial lawyers. Can you imagine the disclaimer that you would have to have before anyone could enter the “fueling arena””?

  2. peter

    the gas station is soooo cool lol!
    i bet this could be one very succesfull thingy, not for long but to make a nice amount of money, but needs good planning with tv camera teams and stuff.

    Or maybe people must get their gas naked? ^^

  3. kid disco

    Hey Shoe! Very courageous post! Some of those are freakin’ hilarious… but I think a couple are actually pretty valid ideas that may have just needed a bit of an extra marketing push…

  4. garrett

    Goood to see that you had alot of flops too. I thought the cell sms dating thing would be a good idea. They have a couple azoogle offers that do pretty well doing this.Cell Flirt and some new Playboy cell dating thing. But the gas station paintball thing would be the best , i would love to sign up on a website and shoot paintballs at people. I think you need to give that one another shot

  5. Bulbboy

    Stick with Nun restaurant, it could be a goer =P

    and PimpMyBlog ain’t dead yet. You could revive it yet.

    Not so sure about the Petrol Paintball though, possiblities for disaster are many and varied. In the words of Wayne’s world : Ka-boom!

  6. Dr G

    I got some southerners, to be politically correct, looking into the Petroleum company idea. That stuff will work for at least a quarter or two.
    Take care Shoe!

  7. Ian Anderson

    Great post shoe. People need to know that the vast majority of businesses fail, and that the failure of a business does not mean that you are a failure. If you keep trying, eventually you’ll find something that works.

  8. Quadszilla


    Man, if I had 8 bucks I would snatch that in a heartbeat. Too bad my credit cards just got hit again for my monthly subscriptions to foot fetish sites. . .

    My worst idea for making money? “Investing” in baseball cards when I was 8. :(

  9. Mike Seiler

    Do you think part of the problem with #10 was that most people going to the forum already had Firefox?

  10. pascal

    Hi Jeremy,

    thank you for your great post. After meeting you in San Jose it is still impressing to me how open you tell your ups and downs.

    Keep on rocking!
    Pascal (without metal cards)

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  13. Jawinn

    Wow its good to hear that you’ve had flops. It’s too easy in the celebrity worship culture we have to only focus on the results of hard work and not the work itself (and the failures that go with it).

    Thanks Shoe!

  14. yfs1

    You could vary #1 depending on station so although the Shoemoney Paintball Petroleum Station would be your flagship you could open a few new ones:

    Shoemoney Russian Roulete Petroleum Station – You either get free gas or free sugar, you just won’t know until you get a few miles down the road

    Shoemoney Penny Over Petroleum Station – You have to put in even amounts like $10 – If you accidentaly do a $10.01 the flame thrower is engaged

  15. numlock


    The gas station is so completely out there that it just has to work, even on the publicity it would generate alone..

    As for the other sites, after doing the same for the last couple of years I’ve come to realize that the idea and design doesn’t really matter much. If you don’t get blogged about by the right people, or if you’re not in the San Francisco “in-group” then the chances are you’ll just get drowned out by all the other noise :-(

  16. enkumber


    If i would have money for this i would start it right away as i cannot see any problem making this business in Romania here.
    Hey Shoe, maybe you wanna invest in Romania ? I think you will not have enough gas :)

  17. Lurkster

    Shoe, those are innovative. I like your thinking. The Gas station would be a blast, literally. I’m sure there is some poor neglected gas station in the middle of nowhere waiting to be the next “Field of Dreams? location…LOL

  18. Patrick

    Dude those are some sweet ideas. Actually, what people need to realize is that you can launch 20 good ideas and only have 1 gain enough momentum to make decent cash. Its all about throwing a ton of ideas against the wall to see what will stick…

  19. Thomas Czasz

    Wohh, your a neighbour with Warren Buffet????

    anyways the last idea was great, but I dunno about the paintballs shooting in a high concentration gasoline area.. And also the people would need to wear masks or something

  20. Mr. Unconventional

    Woo boy Shoe, I almost spit my drink out when I got to your petroleum company idea. That’s too funny. What’s even funnier is knowing how popular that would be.

    It reminds me of those remote control hunting sites. Ever see those? Yilkes!

    On a more serious note – posts like this show that behind most success there’s a large trail of ______ fill in the blank. 😉 I don’t even want to go there… lol

    – Dave

  21. Convert

    I used to hate you, just because I was jealous of your money making schemes, but all that has changed after reading this post. You’re not a superhuman, who could’ve believe that. This post has just bought you a new reader. Thanks for the laughs Jeremy! :)

  22. Igor M. (BizMord Blog)

    Jeremy, first of all … it’s entertaining as well as educational to read a post like this one.

    I think that if everyone would share their flops, business man and women would benefit 50X more than if they’d go to every seminar and read every book on marketing.

    Here is an idea …. BusinessFlops.
    oops … already registered that one.

  23. SeoRookie

    The Petroleum Company is a hoot but I’m sure there are regulations about discharging projectiles around gas pumps. Just a hunch.

    A better idea is to offer free bikini car washes and let people take shots at the girls.

  24. Everett

    I’m glad I am not the only one to have major flops. Misery loves company and was certainly a miserable flop (yes, it’s being redirected now).

    The idea was that people could join and post service trades like “ISAPI expert will write regular expressions for your website in exchange for a custom site design from a creative website designer” etcetera. But I got more attempted link spam than actual posts. The problem was I didn’t have the time – at the time – to really give the project the push it needed.

    Lesson: Unless you are willing to commit on a project, don’t bother. There are too many websites out there for you to half-ass it and expect to succeed.

  25. Ben Yoskovitz

    Kudos for telling us about your flops. Actually, the 2nd most popular post on my blog was about my Top 4 Failures as an Entrepreneur.

    People love reading about other people failing. It’s the same like watching a celebrity crash and burn, or reality TV.

    Nice job putting it out there.

  26. fthead9

    Brilliant post, seriously made my day. Someone in Vegas has to run with your Catholic schoolgirl/restaurant idea.

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  28. Rich Whittle

    Hey Shoe, I don’t know if you will read the 57th comment, but I think some of your ideas are good, just need a little tweaking!

    * 9 – – If you were about to have a baby you could go on this site and punch in some numbers then it would email you as your baby was growing and let you know what was going on… “like 10 days until you should be able to tell the sex of your baby!? or “Babys heart beat starts today? ect.. stuff like that.. I paid to have the backend developed and the site was about 95% completed (about a 1500$ investment).
    Then a very close friend of the family had a miscarriage about 15 weeks into her pregnancy and told us about how she had signed up for all these baby websites and now they keep emailing her stuff and she breaks down and cries every time…. I just wanted no part of that… FLOP

    *******Sounds like a great idea…’s a fix. Everytime the babycalc would send an email, it would require that the end user do something like confirm that they received the email by clicking on a link in the email or a visit to the website for articles related to the fetus development at that stage. If there was no interaction by the end user
    after 1 or 2 emails, the account would be frozen and would require a visit to the web site to restore.

    * 7 – – Now here we go! This is easy. Just make a used car site and charge dealers a .25cent per car listing fee right ? ehhh none interested… FLOP

    ******Problem with this idea is that anyone can build this web site. To convince dealers to pay to list you would have to have a lot of traffic already coming to the web site. Something that would take time to build.

    * 6 – SMS Text Dating – I was soooooooo sure this one was going to be it! The concept is simple basically you subscribe to this dating website. Make a profile then you could send a message to the person from the website to there mobile phone without having to know there phone number. I had this totally done and nobody every signed up… FLOP

    *****This sounds like a great concept. How long did you try it? Also, marketing is a big key. You would need to come up with some sort of viral message to generate word of mouth. Now with Youtube, you could create a video showing a guy and gal using the service, but make it funny.

    * 5 – St. Marry’s Bar & Grill – Ok this has nothing to do with the internet. After the Hooters closed down in Lincoln I tried to re-open it then when that did not work out I thought about making a restaurant called St. Marrys where it was like a church and the waitresses dressed like catholic school girls and like the nuns would be the managers and spank the waitresses if they were bad?!? Yes I know bad idea and I never really pursued it…. I like in one of the most conservative catholic communities in the country so no way it would fly… and yes i know im going straight to hell.

    ***How about a little modification of the original concept? Instead of bar and grill, make it an upscale mens club.
    The waitresses/dancers would be dressed like catholic school girls and for a fee, men visitors could “buy” a yardstick ruler and smack the dancers. Make money from cover, rulers and liquor! When local churches complain
    and try to shut you down, free publicity and more people want to come!

    * 4 – 2 Topless Chix In A Ferrari Cross Country
    What would get more looks then a brand new ferrari f430 ? what if 2 topless girls were driving it cross country ? what if you could buy advertising on the car ? seemed like a good idea… then it did not.

    ***How about a little modification of the original concept? Put webcams all over the car and hook it up using wifi that would broadcast video “live” from car to your SUBSCRIPTION web site. Still put ads on car, but more money would be made from web site with Google maps showing where the car and the girls were. People would stand on side of road with cardboard signs (Like OJ Simpson Bronco “chase”).

    * 1 – ShoeMoney Petroleum Company –
    Ok Follow me here –
    I want to purchase a Gas Station and Give away Free Gas
    The catch is like the gas would come out really slow and also you would be limited as to how much you could get per week. (Like max 50 gallons a week).
    How do I make money ? EASY – I would setup paintball guns around the gas station with webcams that would let people from the internet take shots at the people filling up there cars with gas. You could charge per shot or a xxxx amounts of shots per month for a set fee. PROBLEM – I talked to a city council member about this and he told me there was a “no flying ordinance? or something rule within city limits however I could maybe do it in the country…

    ***How about a little modification of the original idea? Still giving away FREE gas. Go to a gas station and work out a deal with the owner. Offer to allow him to give away free gas in exchange for putting advertising signs at the pumps advertising your sponsor. Then using the gas pump software, develop software that would randomly choose someone pumping gas that would receive a FREE $50 gas card. Gas station owner wins with more business, you win with selling advertising to your sponsors and drivers win with free gas.

  29. Wealthy Webmaster

    Haha I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read that gas station part. I’d take the f430, naked chicks inside or not! That’s my favorite car at the moment. 😛 Now where did I put that extra 250g’s?

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  32. Farmer77

    Shoe, can you post your 10 best ideas that worked? Okay, maybe not your best 10, since there would be some stuff you would want to keep for yourself. Maybe your best 11-20 ideas?

  33. Dabbling Mum

    I love it! You have great strength of character to be willing to share so many flops and in such a humorous and light-hearted way!

    I’m with Farmer77….I’d love to read about some of your “great ideas” that were not flops and why you feel they were not flops.

  34. Pete

    Somebody’s got to make the gas station site. I mean just think of traffic you could get with a idea as crazy as that.

    I think the pimpmyblog -idea was rather good. Instead of giving tools to create a blog I think they should do like the so. They would select weekly a blog and hire a professional web designer and some blogosphere guru and direct the site with huge amounts of traffic. I would visit the site weekly to see new pimped sites.

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  37. Ashley

    I love the gas station idea, but I see why it would never work.

    But what about the same idea with the slow pumps and all, except show commercials to the customers as they’re standing there. I’d definately watch commercials for free gas.

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  39. Catherine L

    LOL – the diner with nuns is hilarious. As is the gas station one.

    Seriously though – everyone has shit ideas. I reckon if you can find one good one in a hundred you’re laughing.

    One of my worst ones was trying to rent out fans to offices in the summer when we had a heatwave. By the time I’d got the flyers made and delivered the sunshine had gone – it only lasted about three or four days. We just don’t have much luck with weather over here in the uk.

  40. 1000 Dollar Project

    lol we all have our sites we look back on and shed a tear for, but they made us what we are today. remembering the quality of my first website makes me cringe on how good i thought it was, but without it i wouldnt be as good as i am today (in my opinion lol)

  41. serge

    those are the kind of ideas that one has when laying in bed late at night. the next morning you wake up and think about it more… eventually the fire burns out when you realize it won’t work.

  42. louise

    Oh wow, not often i cry lauging at a blog but I love this post! The gaosline idea just kills me! Maybe put the garage next to the nuns diner…

  43. Domtan

    ShoeMoney Petroleum Company has to be the funniest idea encountered. Hilarious. But you could have made something out of the Text Dating idea. Sounds valid.

  44. Deborah Dera

    #1 was great! I think you may have had insurance issues, though. No one would have given you coverage knowing all the people buying gas would sue you for new paint jobs after being hit!

  45. Samantha

    The gas station idea is great, it would definitely work and be sure to generate tons of publicity.

    Your text dating idea should have worked, but perhaps it was not marketed correctly.

  46. John

    Great Post! It is nice to have someone talking about some of the failures they have experienced, along with the success. People always want to give up completely everytime they experience a failure. The truth is, you may fail 1000 times, but it only takes one time of being right to be a millionaire

  47. Interwebhunt

    The gas station idea is by far the best idea i’ve ever heard for use of webcams in conjunction with paintball guns. I would completely buy into that project.


    These are effing great! #1 is awesome and in regards to #5, that would go over nicely in Phoenix. The library is doing well (as far as I can tell), and I’d be at St. Mary’s all the time. Maybe I should post a list of my top 10 failure ideas, like when I decided to host a free image hosting site on GoDaddy hosting and GoDaddy didn’t enforce their bandwidth limit with a cap. Traffic was great, but the site came down when I saw the $2,700 hosting bill.

  49. Dan

    The #1 is a great idea. Should try it in some country with less red tape :) I can imagine this totally happening on one of those supercrazy japanese gameshows / hidden cameras.

    Kudos for pointing out your failures! I must also state that I really admire your persistence to keep going and trying. After all, it can now be clearly seen it paid off huh? Great inspiration, thanks

  50. Matthew

    ShoeMoney Petroleum Company – LOL if you ever figure out how to legally do this I want to invest…

  51. Syd

    Everyone has their share of failures and mistakes. As it is said that success was never achieved without failure (maybe just a lucky few might have escaped this failure path). The important thing is not to give up when you fail and still go on. That is the test of character and strength.

  52. Rich Sage

    Do you need Investors for the paintball gas station idea? Please get in tough!!! Ha… Can’t believe you got around to this. The wrong spark and there goes everything.

  53. William Montanaro

    I agree with the thing about the forum, i ended up paying way over the odds for one cause I thought I could market it properly, but it turns out I can’t and there isn’t any money in it…

  54. William

    Oh man, I laughed my ass off at #1. Not because it was a bad idea, but because I pictured it in my mind and thought that I’d like to see gas stations like that.

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  56. Margaret

    It’s really funny, but your worst idea regarding the car — well, check out THIS post … by the way this is not my site, but a post I came across earlier today :)


  57. Dave L

    Common problem with ideas—they are actually more like seeds, but most people treat them like trees. You need to start with an idea, develop it, combine it with other ideas, get at what’s right and wrong in the principle behind the idea, develop the principle, etc.

    But most people just take an idea and run with it. Rich Whittle has the right start, but need to go even further. Keep an idea diary and expand ideas over time for months.

  58. newMediaMike

    Why did #7 fail? Was it a flat $0.25 per vehicle per day? week? I ask because I’m in the process of launching – kind of like a cross between youtube and autotrader where people can advertise their own vehicles for sale using videos they shoot and post on youtube, but I want to charge dealers for professionally produced videos. I was going to keep the rate at the same as the local autotrader rags.

  59. Empowering Success

    What a laugh fest! I loved them all, but agree, a couple really could make some money with the right marketing! I have actually had quite a few ideas, luckily my wife is good at making sure I don’t throw away any money on something I haven’t fully thought through.
    Actually I recently came up with an EXcellent idea, and I am sure it would go over great, but then again….

    Ron Killian

  60. David Melamed

    Worst Idea for me was probably my reality tv show idea, “Two Babies, One Bottle.” You ever seen two under two kids one at home and the other is a guest. when the guest starts playing with a toy, the hosting baby usually gets pissed, and they can be quite vicious… I even pitched it to Steve Spira, the executive vp of global biz affairs of warner bros. whose words about it were, “Dude, you are twisted!” and than explained no one wants to watch a show with babies crying…

    My best idea ever, “Bikini Realty, motto: Actions between consenting adults is not the responsibility of Bikini Realty.

    It’s simply brilliant, Sex Sells, so why not let Sex sell houses ?! We have hot chicks in bikinis as our realtors doing apt. rentals for college dudes, and condo sales for rich bachelors and such….

  61. Daniel Peeden

    My Twin and I, come up with innovative ideas all of the time, at least we think they are. We are young entrepenuers that are getting our feet wet in th internet industry. is our first site and i think the initial start up weve spent is about $30,000 and it isnt even live yet, Hopefully this works. But then i think to my self isnt anything possible even if you think it might be the dumbest idea on planet earth. They say “Persistance make the impossible, possible. The Possible, likely and the likely, definate.” I guess you just have to keep moving forward.


  62. Justin Dupre

    God hahaha…

    I feel like I am going through these same motions. Never being able to get the idea right and unable to build up the traffic that wants my services. Blah

    Just gotta keep trying till I get it right I guess.

  63. Kristi @ Addicted2Decor

    This is encouraging. Sometimes we “little people” don’t realize the things that really successful people went through to be successful. I like Benamin Franklin’s quote, “I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.”

  64. McBilly Wilford

    Haha. Yeah. Seriously, I LOLed hard on the last one. It would have been a real cool show. A lot of those kind of shows kinda click especially with all the weird shows popping around these days.

  65. Ahmed

    iam a very happy to see some body who giving the people how to create a money iam a very poor money but know iam the way that i can create a money iam living in nairobi my nationality is somalian and iam student so iam collecting these days ways that i can create a money so if u have more idea contac with me

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  67. The Abemore Perspective

    pretty much? you roll on that floor! I assume you need the exercise :-)
    The gas station idea is interesting tho. Free gas would be huge and interest a lot of people. You would just have to have a clever way to somehow make ~$150 per person per week… and that sounds pretty difficult

  68. Niro

    Shoe your really honest.. He he.. anyway people do learn by mistakes. Thats normal. Anyhow you have been the best even with few foolish things he he… So you can be happy about it.

  69. Brian

    Better idea, purchase a building and set up paint ball guns. People pay you to run the gauntlet and if they make it without getting hit then they get a prize or some of their money back. People all over the world could log on and you could set up a whole slew of paintball guns that online members pay for to shoot. You win either way. Damn good idea, dont you think?

  70. File Snatcher

    Damn, and I thought I was creative! : )

    Shooting paintballs at people feeling their cars with gas? That one’s a little out there or are you just being sarcastic?

  71. Terry Tay

    They say on average people come up with 6 or 7 ideas a year that could make millions, unfortunately most never attempt to bring those ideas to fruition.

    At least you attempted some things, failed, and learned from your mistakes. That is probably how you made it to where you are today. You keep plugging away and probably learning new things even today.

    Paintball Gas Station (dot) com is available I think. hahaha

  72. Uzair

    I think the worst advertising idea is that of Video Egg. And that program(can’t remember name) that would load an ad audio everytime a page loads.

  73. Ryan

    you need to put the bong or the one-hitter down…I know because we have had the same type of crazy thoughts the only difference is that you possibly have the money to even try those wacky ideas…how about the restaurant that is flying over disney in orlando…how about eating your food at 150 ft in the air…and some crazy ass folks are going to eat up there… and it is like 12k for 8 hours…are you kidding me…check it out

  74. Flimjo

    #9 still would have worked, though. I had a baby in June last year, and my wife and I signed up for a similar website. We got weekly updates, and it was real cool to read this stuff. You should have stuck to that.

  75. CodeFreedom

    I was going to make my fortune selling energy drinks. So I took a dozen samples around to a friends place and asked him if some of his friends would be interested in trying the product as well as seeing the business concept.
    My friend had a bit of a drug problem at the time and thought I might be able to help him out. I arrived with my cooler full of my perfectly chilled energy drinks to find my friend and 4 of his friends (who also had drug issues) totally smacked out and just not on the planet.
    They gulped my energy drinks down and said how great and energy filled they felt before two of them fell asleep on the floor and my friend threw up !!
    Next idea please.

  76. Luckydont

    Abstracting from everything, these are niche IDEAS , and definitely would work for somebody, the only question is “how well” and would they reach a critical mass?

  77. Moms Cash Blog

    This is quite possibly one of the best blog posts I have come across in months. Thank you : ) I have been craving a good post like this one. Well said, I am quite the entrepreneur as well and I find myself buying into domains, websites and ideas on a daily basis. I always think the next one I try is gonna be IT! When I was reading your list, I am almost got confused and thought that you were talking about me. Been there, we should start a website with all of our domains and ideas that didn’t pan out. We could sell them for a couple of bucks each – LOL. Are you in Shoe? He He, okay I will let this dream go. Bravo!!!

  78. Briongloid

    Yeah I’m no stranger to zany schemes either. Though I’m not going to post them here, I’ll wait until my site’s as popular and well known as this place! :)

    Great read though – gives hope to us all.

    I just wish more people would fess up like this. I’d love to read Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch or Richard Branson’s “I dunno what I was thinkin’!” files.
    I think it would do us all good to know that sometimes even a golden goose can lay a rotten egg.

    At the same time there’s a valuable lesson to be learned – nothing ventured nothing gained right? The very fact that you took risks like that in the first place is the reason you’re successful today.

  79. cooliojones

    The St. Mary’s idea? Yeah, you’re going to hell for that one. I like the topless Ferrari idea, and the free gas one? You know someone could make a fortune off that right about now in America…just have people inundated with advertising while they sit there and take 10-15 minutes to fill up! Actually, what if you you just charge less for gas…say $1.50 – $2.00/gal? I bet you people will do that! You mind if I borrow that idea from you? :)

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  81. Web Marketeer

    You sure had some offbeat ideas over the years….the catholic schoolgirl idea is something that would really appeal to some of my more colorful friends. My personal favourite has to be the fuel station idea. Paintballs, webcams and gasoline…hmmmm…methinks a free topless carwash with attached webcams could be interesting too….server crashing potential actually.

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  84. NDN

    I know I am late to this party but I thought number 1 was so much fun. Shows just how far your mind reaches for ideas. I still like the Ferarri idea.

    BTW- I came across this post when googling “money making ideas”, you were number 2.

  85. ddm

    oh,lord, this is propably the funniest things I’ve heard in years.just crax me up.
    actually I reckon some might work if you keep do for a year or 2.

  86. Erica

    First of all, I just admire you for your business ideas…I mean they say the best business owners come up with the whackiest ideas…i mean…who would have known Google would have been as big as it is now…or even Youtube?

    I think…no in fact…I know you will be even bigger than you are now. The biggest entrepreneurs failed at least 50 times before they came up with the right venture…wow, i wish i was as ambitious as you..but keep the whacky ideas up!LOL

    To find out how to dramatically increase your online sales with copywriting secrets visit


  87. John D

    Lol, i really liked number 10. I’d imagine one shot would be very expensive. And then, you’d have to deal with the car insurance companies 😉 .

  88. unoblogger

    So I see the best of the achievers have done the worst of the mistakes… I am having my share of mistakes and I see that I can become an achiever too!!

  89. Keep It SEO Simple

    Those are some painful ideas indeed, particularly the BabyCalc at number 9. You can’t win them all I guess. Laughing my head off at St. Marry’s Bar & Grill. What were you thinking?!?

  90. Dominick

    I totally digg the St. Mary’s Grill idea. It would fly somewhere here in Michigan, most likely Ann Arbor or Detroit. I could also see it happening in New York, Detroit, and San Francisco. I don’t see it happening anywhere else though…but the restaurant would definitely get my business!

    We once considered buying a church and turning it into a club. Forget sacrilegious. It would have been fun!

  91. Pingback: Embracing Failure On The Path To Success — Blogging Review

  92. alifahru

    With buying other site perhaps it will be worked. Sometime the idea of the original site and buyer site different, also with result, definitely different.

  93. Ari - Laberinto Social

    I am sooo glad you put this out jeremy. everyone thinks people just slip and fall into success as if they slipped and fell on shit you know? they don’t realize that we really have to work at it and most of all, we have to try ten things that fail before we see the upsides to all that effort… thanks, its nice to see “related pain?”

  94. Pingback: #4: Falling Victim to Analysis Paralysis - Sugarrae

  95. Christopher Ross

    OMG – St. Marry’s Bar & Grill – I had a similar idea in Montreal but it was when a church closed down. I thought it would be great to have the bartender dressed like a Vicor and the waitresses as school girls on roller blades.

  96. Kim McGinnis

    Wow-do you have an open and creative mind! You are a true inspiration. I am preparing for a seminar next week and one of the topics I am covering is breaking past fear. What you revealed in this post is that you are insanely competent at this-Kudos to you! Do you mind if I use the Gas Station story (w/o using your name) in my seminar?

  97. Kim McGinnis

    Wow, what a twisted and creative mind you have. You are truly an inspiration for having the guts to share. Thank you. I am preparing for a seminar next Saturday, and one of the topics is breaking past fear. You have proven by virtue of writing this post that you are a King at this. Do you mind if I use your Gas Station Story (w/o using your name) at my seminar?

  98. Pingback: Bad Ideas To Make Money « Failures - exposed, reflected upon, considered

  99. lowest gas prices

    The Gas Station idea made me laugh I would pay a few buck to take the shots but i don’t think you would make any money after pay for gas even if it was just 2 bucks a gallon.

    Please share your best ideas

  100. Susan

    Thanks for opening up and sharing these “failed” ideas. I had a good laugh, but it also helps to know that everyone hits and misses… It’s the endurance to keep trying new ideas that helps us hit goldmines!

  101. wallney

    the no.1 is so interesting.we are f u-cking money but our ass is burned. making money online is not easy right? every of us try hard to find out how to do is the easiest way ,it is a long run. and just keep running ,running

  102. Lisa

    It makes me feel good to know that someone like you can have bad ideas perhaps it won’t depress me too much when I make a mistake. When are you putting up the “winning ideas” that did fly? Maybe you already have but I’m new to this site.

  103. Pingback: #4: Falling Victim to Analysis Paralysis |

  104. EasyProfitPack

    Seems like you had a fun time! Well I guess smart bloggers also have their issues. :p

    Well, buying domain names has not been something that I was very successful, so I can relate to what you are saying.

    I would love to know about the shoe money seo contest! :p

  105. Web Hosting

    The gas station idea is great, it would definitely work and be sure to generate tons of publicity.

    Your text dating idea should have worked, but perhaps it was not marketed correctly.

  106. Ehab

    Pimp My Blog was a mighty fine idea if you ask me :) Should have given you a call or something when the time was right, but I guess thats history brother !

  107. eran


    if you notice, so many people actually liek the gas station idea. I have had over 1,000 ideas myself, and know how most wont fly before i start. you gas idea is not half bad, but you would need to crunch the numbers, the novelty rating, etc… but it is a really good idea. you are exchanging humor for free.

  108. mike sky

    i would pay to do number one set it up!
    i would also go out to get the gas haha
    you could also charge for people to sit on a tower or something and shoot at the people in real life

  109. Nokia 5800

    I’m surprised the used car idea was a flop. Couldn’t you have just used wordpress with an ebay plugin that would pull listings? Just have it pull listings based on zip code. Then you could maybe entice dealers to advertise on the pages for their particular model. Just a thought. I was thinking of this kind of thing for my area, but maybe now I’ll reconsider. Thanks for posting the bad ideas..not enough successful marketers do that. Makes the flops for the rest of us easier to swallow.

  110. AJ Kumar

    That was quite inspirational. I just started working the internet so I’ve already prepared myself for many failures ahead. Fail forward fast is what I say :)

  111. KevinS.

    Tsk. Tsk. Next time try real estate.. in fact.. read “The Pizza Delivery Millionaire ” by Rick Vazquez.. I think you would enjoy it and might even learn a thing or two about the real way to make money 😛

  112. Michael Hathman


    I’ll give you an A+ for trying (and I am sure any nuns you had in Catholic School would too)! You sound like a go-getter and I really admire that about someone who at least tries to go after a dream or a thought they had. Your failures are taking you one step closer to a great success – just don’t give up. That’s really what makes a success a success! The inability to never give up will ultimately yield a success for you. Just think about it, Edison used 5,000 different materials in trying to create the lightbulb, and now it seems everyone in the world can’t get enough of them. Abraham Lincoln ran for office nearly a dozen times, failed and finally, on the last try become one of the most famous, admired and accomplished Presidents in modern history. If you really want to make a fortune, pull your boat out of the docks and ride out in perfect timing to offer something that people need. In this recession, there is nothing more than people need now than hope and a chance for prosperity. Wrap your mind around that one – and I’ll bet my bottom dollar, you’ll come up with the idea that would be a “grand slam!” Best Wishes, Your Friend, Michael

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  115. Tran Harry

    I am loving the gas idea, thing is I would totally go there so forget about city ordinance. I suck out about 16 gallons of gas every 1.5 weeks anyway, I would head out there with my dirtiest gas pumping outfit and let them fire away.

    Although I would want to wear a helmet or something to protect any real injuries.

    I can see a lot of Counterstrike kids out there wanting to spend a few bucks of their lunch money on this.

  116. China Travel Blog

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    Arey bhai! What a great idea to popular our web sites! Really this is an excellent! Especially the ninth point about is really mindboggling! I sincerely would like to follow jeremy’s advice! Thank you! (

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  119. Online Marketing Blog

    That paintball idea is priceless i would defiantly sign up for a site like that. I think you could get around it by making it a drive in gas station with 2 doors so no paint balls could get out. You should give free gas away in some major city at one gas station and film the pandemonium and the huge traffic game and riots

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  121. Jan

    I know the feeling about finding the perfect URL only to see it owned by someone else. I waited over a year for my one to be abandoned by the former owner and then I snagged it up.

  122. Bill

    I would have gone to the St.Marys Bar & Grill. Sounded fun. I think it would be more popular if the customers got to spank the girls though.

  123. ketantgr

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  125. Terrence

    Great stuff! I have a friend who recently started an ad company wrapping gas tanker trucks with advertisements. Perhaps he can have the Ferrari girls drive the trucks, for an additional “pop” in eyeballs!

  126. xaer8

    None of my ideas got right. Still finding the best shot to make money online. And this post really open my eyes!

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  131. fun-da-mental

    @ Terrence,
    you said:
    “…I have a friend who recently started an ad company wrapping gas tanker trucks with advertisements. Perhaps he can have the Ferrari girls drive the trucks, for an additional “pop” in eyeballs!”

    Cool idea I must say!

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  136. helmy

    LoL, it’s hilarious yet innovative to give away gas from your own gas station. I would lik to know how it’s goin on, haha,,,

  137. Bill Wolfe

    What a great post. I can really relate to this. From these 10, there are probabaly about another 1000 that never saw the light of day. A true entreprenuer. Love it. Thanks for making me laugh today.

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  141. Smart Boy Designs

    I must say, after reading your idea about the paintball gas station – I couldn’t stop laughing. That’s got to be the greatest idea I’ve heard in my entire life. I’d surely pay to shoot helpless people trying to get a few gallons of free gas. That would be terrific. Not to mention an excellent stress reliever – and a surefire way to feel better about myself! 😉

    Thanks Shoe,

  142. Domni

    Brilliant ideas. I tend to do the same thing, come out with different ideas but never run with it. I do run with it sometimes but I find myself getting burned by always hitting a dead end.

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  144. Pingback: 27 Must Read Posts for Bloggers | Blogger Talkz

  145. Keira

    #9 – Sign up requires two emails. Email 1 for yourself and email 2 for a friend/relative who has access to your account in case the unthinkable happens. That way if the expecting mother does indeed have a miscarriage, the friend/relative can go in right away and nix the emails. A lot of people would love having that information sent to them – don’t keep it in the rubbish.

  146. Deborah

    I dunno, I like the text dating. It sounds like fun. The hard part of course is getting people to feel safe. But if that was a pre-Twitter idea, things have changed.

  147. Julia

    This hits really close to home. I have been in so many different MLMs and internet businesses, that I thought I was the only crazy one. Guess I’m not. I’m still trying to find my money machine, but guess I’m a little old fashioned. I would like to become a virtual assistant – accounting, financial services, data entry, blogging, graphic design, etc – but I’m not sure how to get started. I would love some FREE help if anyone has some suggestions. I’m working on a website now and hope to get it up and running and then figure out how to advertise it, with little investment, because I’m broke with no job. Thanks for uplifting my spirits.

  148. R Kumar

    The last one was indeed very funny. I just pray somebody start a gas station on this idea and we get some free gas at least.

  149. Holly Mann

    Wow the funniest one was your Petroleum Company idea. :) My brother made a baby calculator like you mentioned and it’s gotten him a lot of traffic and backlinks. It has really worked out for a source of income – linking to his baby-related website. But I can see how you would want nothing to do with that idea, after hearing your friends situation. That is sad.

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  151. Justin

    I think the worst way to make money online is ebay. You hear so much hype about ebay business kits and how much you can earn on ebay.

    I would have to say that ebay is probably the worst idea to make money. Even though Im sure some people do I think it is a bad way because few can do it.

  152. Matt James

    Oh man… that baby calc idea sounded pretty good but… what happened to your friend… real downer.

    Can see how you’d wanna skip that one!

  153. Clive

    Years ago I bought a domain the premise behind it being that people would leave me money in their wills and I’d promise to send postcards to their disinherited children/spouses telling them how, and what a good time, I was having spending it!

    My surreal side tells me it still has potential :-)

  154. metafever

    I just laughed my balls off at the paint ball gas station tid-bit.

    Too freaking funny!

    I too have had way more failures than success!

  155. Slave to the Dollar

    I have a list of about 600. I think anyone who does inetrnet marketing for real and makes a living suffers from ideas on crack. Most of us have ADD, OCD and we get our keyword tools and domain finders and we find a new million dollar niche every day.

    We just forget that it takes 6- 1 year of work to make money or make the niche really work. So with my 600 niches will take 600 years.

    Hey, anyone wanns buy some domains? They are all money makers, I promise!!!

    Moe Bedard

  156. Tzutzu

    Actually.. that one with the Ferrari I’m sure it will work in my country…but guess money for ferrari 😀

  157. trevor

    I like the concept of text messaging on a dating site. Maybe you give users free text msg. so people will flood the site.=p

  158. Tekboy

    Hahaha this is a really funny blog. Reminded me of myself. I had tons of (I think)good ideas but none of them ever materialized. Keep ’em coming! 😀

  159. Best Registry Cleaner

    Some of those are really..bizarre :)

    Surprising tho that the “car dealer” thing flopped…i read once what an immense money maker such a listing site is supposed to be..interesting stuff…

    Btw. when is the “” site going up? Cant wait for the live cam streams…


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  163. NichelleSB

    well i hope u get paid for every comment received in reply of your story….Maybe this is a gimmick that works

  164. Cessy

    You made me laugh! But yeah, some creative people might be able to tweak some of your ideas and make them work, especially the ShoeMoney Petroleum Company. LOL!

  165. Mary

    Ideas are simple and never been thought by me lol, Shoe, how did you get this kind of ideas?
    I also made money from my site, it’s about travel stuffs, last week I search on google for online ticketing services and email them about my site, propose an idea to describe their services in my article, and I said it’s limited spots.
    You know what, I’ve got a lot of emails asking for discount, affiliate program, exclusive placement and now I’m confused to choose some of them. I’m still hold the respons to make them curious and willing to pay more :)

  166. brokenspear

    I friggin love this idea and would definitely have been a patron if I lived in the area…

    “…called St. Marrys where it was like a church and the waitresses dressed like catholic school girls and like the nuns would be the managers and spank the waitresses if they were bad?!?”

    And yes, right to hell with you mr shoe…

    1. Jmoo2k9

      The st.marry’s idea would have worked in New Orleans as liberal a catholic city in America. Oh, i could see the lines outside the business, now.

  167. Juhani Tontti


    I can admit publicly that I had the same idea as one of your flops, the SEO contest. Luckily, I did not run it for some reason. This is a great post, which shows how great ideas do not always work in praxis. I believe that the execution is as important as the idea itself ( or even more important ).

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  169. Eric Tan

    I would have probably done #1 if i thought about it first! its hillarious!!! i could already see people pumping gas with like 5 changes of clothes on and a helmet…


    Just reading Guy Kawaski’s latest book and it talks about how many people working in the Valley have failed. Seems to be more flops than hits but the hits outweigh the flops. A lot of it is cultural as well in how people look and judge failure. Some countries treat is as something commendable to have tried, others love to see people fail and the shame factor prevents people from ever trying.

  171. Juuso

    That free gasoline idea is awesome.:D

    We should combine it with my free cars idea (ad supported cars, with lcd panels that would switch ads for big companies)

  172. SEO Company

    This is very interesting post, of course this post can get the attention of people cause we are talking about money, About the content it was nice some maybe some of them are funny but it’s amazing idea. :)

  173. 7S

    Great list we have been trying a number of different avenues and really if you don’t try you can find the good one

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  175. Imran | IT Buzz

    Thanks a lot for sharing failures, they really gave us a motivational thought that there are some failures behind successful people and success won’t came over night.

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  177. Ptc Sites

    wow this post is super, i think a few of these 10 ideas can bring nice money even if you’ve added them in your black list; in the end it’s clear that success comes after a couple of failures…

  178. tyler

    Sooo true with baby birth site. was about to have a daughter and then found out she had a fatal birth defect after about 16 weeks. kept on getting e-mails for months after our baby was gone.

  179. Get Paid to Blog

    Honestly Jeremy, I didn’t really get the idea of the last one. How the “shooting part” will actually interest people? While as for the dating-text idea, I can’t help but smiling to “hear” you saying : “..but nobody sign up..”

    I think you just lack on promotion there. Who would of think, sending 150 words online could make Twitter a giant network as it is now? Many still think the idea of tweet, is nothing but wasting time. But hey, being skeptical, didn’t allow them to profit like Twitter!

    Btw, I have to comment on this: you seems to have a lot of money there. You spend thousand of dollar like buying candy. Is that, all from online earning?

    And whenever you plan to create website, did you develop yourself, or you hire someone? Do you have any one in particular that u trust, or you just select any pro out there?

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  183. Ahamed Sha


    i thk you should go and with some of your ides.
    after all you have over 70k followers in tweet. and one tweet will get you a few sign up on your dating site and it will SLOWLY but SURELY GROW.


  184. Pingback: My Top 10 Worst Ideas to Make Money

  185. cooper

    St. Mary’s bar and grill. I could see it..and I am from Iowa. I would drive out there and spank a bad girl and have a few cold ones. I may have to check into that here in Iowa city. What do you think??

  186. Pingback: Von erfolgreichen Blogs lernen

  187. satrap

    you know i am sure you ask any successful person not just in making money online but in any filed, mistakes are a part of the game. its the trial and error that gives us that experience that we so desperately need in order to succeed. however one thing is certain and i know that it dose reflect your personal journey Jeremy as well and that is no matter how many times you make mistake and fall, if you get up and try to use what you learned to progress to the next one, you will succeed. so don’t feel bad about those decisions. think of them as a ticket that you had to pay for in order to get one the plain. also i want to point out that it dose take certain out looks as yours to come out and tell the whole world that hey i made these decisions that landed me to no where. most people want to brag about their success, not their failure.

  188. want ads

    It’s been a joy viewing your site. Typically you hear about the same guru’s over and over. I have to be honest, I’ve never come across your name before. It’s obvious your doing something right. You are proof that the Internet is a powerful thing and anyone who wants to succeed online can do just that if they put their mind to it.

  189. Sarah

    It’s great! Posted a link on my blog to encourage upstarts (including myself) to not give up. :-) Good to know others struggle sometimes too. but also good to know that success does follow if we keep at it.

  190. Smaxor

    Feel lucky you only had 10. Hahaha Seems like most of them didn’t have to much energy put into them. I’ve got a laundry list of stuff I’ve done that has been miserable failures that I was 100% sure was going to work invested a crap load of time and energy into and FLOP!

    The things that work out sure do make it all worth while though 😀

  191. Astronomer

    Awesome post man.Great people always used to say when you have fear of failure list down the possible failures from others experience and never do that.It would be really helpful if you could post more like this not only you even others who have lost money by investing on things like above so that it can create an awareness to every one. Thank you for your suggestion

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  193. Brian P

    What i dont understand is that all those sites you have have good PR. You sold them right. Might as well through some adsense on them for the hell of it right?

  194. Catherine Fan

    You have 10 FLOP ideas but you have a very successful “shoemoney” blog. Just one successful idea can make us rich. BTW, I think #9 is great, just need to provide easy unsubscribe link.

  195. J.R. Jackson (internet's $8-Million Man)

    Excellent post.

    I have learned over the years to “stick to what I know” which for me is Network Marketing.

    While I own around 1,700 domains and some do OK my bread and butter has always been MLM/NWM so that is where I try and spend at least 75-80% of my time.

    My blog shows the top ways I have used to earn over $8-million and recruit over 80,000 people.

    thank you for your blog post.


    1. Storyboard Life

      JR…you are so right. I just listened to an audio book by trump in which he said (paraphrasing) “you got to be stupid to go out on a limb and not know what you are getting yourself into” … it’s so true. However, if you have the capital to experiment and take a few qualified risk then by all means have a few experiments ….you just never know what will happen….my problem…take the risk w/out preparing for the risk.

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  201. Pantho Bihosh

    Great idea about make money. It is inspire to make a good decision to make money from online blogging.

    Thanks for this writings.

    I am newcomer of your blog.

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  205. Naveen

    Hello Jeremy….Thx for sharing this posts…this post taught me many things…..

    I have just started my journey as a blogger….Though its too early to say this i had a couple of bad experiences too….but one thing’s for sure “I am never gonna give up”

    have a great day!

  206. Naveen

    …& Jeremy i forgot to tell you something…. your achievement of earning $ 132,994.97 through adsense inspires alot….

    I have received a cheque of $ 22.17 from adbrite recently…. though small i believe “the journey thousand miles begins with a single step”….

  207. Beth Sowell

    You know the baby site is great. I actually had signed up with one of those when I was pregnant and loved it. Maybe the answer was to just make it very EASY to unsubscribe when things go wrong. Women with healthy, successful pregnancies love the idea!

  208. Al

    I too enjoy launching new innovative websites.

    I also like registering memorable domain names in the hope to launching websites in the future.

    My latest project which has had some very good reviews is

    I am hoping to launch other websites.


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  211. Danielle

    I LOVE the catholic school girl one.. That is the hottest idea everrrr!!! But you should definitely try to find a different area.. I really think you make make a killing at that.

    I opened the website and had it forward to my eBay store. I had the store 2 weeks and shut it down..

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    You have noooo idea how much work I put into those letters either omg.. I had to make the characters in photoshop, put them into a letter template that I made in photoshop… Then I would print it out and the text in photoshop doesn’t have enough qualities that I NEEDED in MS Word so I had to print out the letter then print it out again with the text and constantly change stuff to make it fit without being able to see if it fits until I print it… THEN scan them write a description for eBay upload pics on tinypic and eBay ugh etc… A lot of stuff and I lost it all… So in the end I could’ve posted everything up when my suspension was over but its too risky and I am tired of the chaos…

    Anyways, check out a different area for the restaurant.. That’s hot shit! Good luck! =)

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  213. Alex - The Rat Race Lab

    I absolutely love the paintball petrol station idea. There are so many reasons why it is dangerous and not be allowed, but the fact you thought of it makes me laugh my ass off.

    It’s also encouraging to know that some of my flops and failures were not all for nothing and that they are all were steps on the way to success.

    I can see why this post is one of the most popular.

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  217. neil802

    Im just glad I signed up to the shoemoney system!! I hope above all hopes that I will make it work.
    I’ve had plenty of flops before, but mainly in the swimmingpool!
    I thought the paintball one was inspiring!
    Mind you the Catholic Nuns is pretty hard to beat too!
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  218. Chris Pontine

    You know Jeremy, your a brave man and you have quite the imagination. I think # 1 is just thinking way outside the box but awesome. In fact I think I would pump gas just to get shot, hmmm crazy? Sure why the heck not.

  219. John H

    Seeing the failures other entrepreneurs have had is inspiring. It means I’m still on the right track. I’ve had a few small successes, but many more failures.

    Plus, I think #8 still has plenty of promise. You could probably still make your money back by selling the domain.

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  222. Celine

    Some really great ideas in the hat. Some of these ideas could have really taken off if the execution was right.

    The execution i think is much more important than the idea itself. I like the 1st idea. The paintball. I would pay. Hilarious

  223. Mary

    By any chance did you have one or two of these business ideas after a certain amount of liquid refreshment? A couple of corkers there.
    My fave is the petrol/paintball one – this is a stroke of genius in my opinion and could easily be turned into a reality TV show.

  224. Mario

    I read your post and then had a nightmare about it. The chicks in the Ferrari were Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton! I woke up drenched in a cold sweat!!

  225. Garrie

    I thought the gas station was going to play ads while the gas pumped and/or require CPA offers via touch screens to get the gas.

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  229. Claire

    I’m subscribing to this site – anyone who can create a post that still has people giggling and replying, after nearly 5 years is genius. :)

  230. JamesZ

    Shoe, this just goes to show that there is a thin line between genius and crazy, lol. I guess it’s good to have a little of both.

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    But one thing is really sure, The Thirst will Win!!!!!

  236. Michaud

    I like idea #3..
    You sound like you have traffic issues for a few of them.. :(
    What are your successful ventures?

  237. Gautam

    #1 was a crazy idea…I still can’t stop laughing..Please let us know once you implement this and once it works. I will start a FREE grocery store. Pick what you like for 30 min all real coupons everywhere, but the catch is i will take 10 kids for $5 per 10min and ask them to use paint ball to sting get shot the coupon goes off your basket 😛

    Not sure who will come to my store..

  238. Harshit Singhal

    Interesting article.Its inspiring to see that people (I’m talking about you) who get big paychecks from google actually have failed a few times in their life !

  239. Hamilton

    You should have followed through with #1. Sure, the gas station may have had to be in the country, but I’m sure people would go for it. Even if you only had a few people a day visiting the gas station, people would pay a whole bunch of money to be able to shoot paint balls at them.

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  241. Wesley Williams

    It’s funny I like a few of these ideas but all I can think is maybe it wasn’t at the right time and maybe the site design wasn’t enough. There are so many characteristics involved of why these businesses failed. I hope you were able to sell these ventures to others to give it a try. Maybe look into creating a revenue share to allow others for blogging for money. However, it’s a possibility that you have a business like that already? I look forward to more blog posts about your future business ventures.

  242. Hannibal

    Well, FLOP or not, it sure made good material for a good laugh! And that gives you readers, comments, views, and all that other junk which eventually gives you money! Right? Right?…
    You know I’m right..

  243. Evelyn Roberts Brooks

    My first visit here, and thanks for the LOL. Brave to post your flop ideas – we’ve all had them, right? Looking forward to learning more about your success stories.

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  245. Pingback: Super Surfing Sunday: Great finds from #31DBBB | Pepper Scraps

    1. James actually has a PR4. Not bad for a dead website. But the home page is getting an error…

      Warning: unserialize() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in [path]/includes/vba_cmps_include_bottom.php on line 240

      Warning: unserialize() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in [path]/includes/vba_cmps_include_bottom.php on line 241
      PMB – Pimp My Blog.

      Thanks for the post. I guess you have to fail in order to succeed in anything you do…especially any internet business you start.

  246. Gary

    Ok gas station was really funny, but I hate to admit I have had worse ideas (thought they were outstanding at the time, I wonder what was in that drink?)- No I am not sharing or you might have an heart attack laughing

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  251. Mujibur Rahman

    Jeremy… you are a born entrepreneur. You get the ideas and WORK on them.

    So many people have the ideas, but lack the ACTION.

    Keep on rolling out the ideas.

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  255. Paul Teague

    Great post!

    I actually find it just as valuable – and extremely reassuring – to hear what people did wrong on their journey to success, as well as what they did right.

    It’s a pretty fine line between a great idea and and a terrible idea … if there was a surefire way to predict what’s hot and what’s not, we’d all be raking in the dollars :-)

    I have my own howlers tucked away in a file I call my ‘museum of web failures’ … safely under lock and key for when I find the nerve to reveal them.

    Thanks for posting about yours – a great read :-)

  256. mra

    Fantastic post with real life experience. Man learns a lesson from their mistakes. Story of real life is great to read and that too from Jeremy.

  257. rizwan

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    Funny idea, you could totally pull this stunt in a foreign third world country and have participants from around the world going to town on everything and everyone in sight lol.. They would probably let you install real weapons if the price was right.

  260. Jun

    Wow, those are some seriously dismal ideas; who ever thought they would work? I personally think the future lies in sms text marketing though. I can see it’s potential for both effectiveness and convenience for companies.

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    I think you could pull off the restaurant if it wasn’t in your area, and if it was in a coastal State where minors couldn’t enter where liquor was served, and then provided it was still a eatery as well, as a place that served liquor. If I were well heeled I’d even team up with you on that one. The key would be to have the punishment happen behind a opaque screen, so all you saw was the silhouette. Then it would be like a joke. The waitress who you successfully pissed off would spill water in your lap, or on your table, and then the show begins. Training the staff, absolutely key here, no hot coffee, etc, I can think of a few other ways to make this novelty approach generate revenue as well. Videos for the guests at the location, and of course, film the entire proceedings for people to view online. It might not be tawdry enough to capture too much share, but who knows, you could always use it as a promotion. FYI. The If the numbers bear out, the Gas thing seems worth it to me, as long as the traffic flow was such that cars would drive through an area where members went one way initially, and then signups went another first, so as to be able to sign the appropriate waivers, get their membership cards before they were exposed to paint. I personally wouldn’t set it up though, given the price volatility of gas though unless I had tested to paint for how easy it could be removed, and I had already set up the car wash next door, or at least far enough away so as not to not seem too “opportunistic.” This way I could start off from the get-go marketing the car wash from the gas station. Good luck. Fun stuff!

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  282. Tabby

    That free gas thing is hilarious. I know people who would wear armor to get free gas though. Great to see somebody sharing the failures that lead to their success.

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