Woman Sues Google Adsense And The Scoop On MSN’s Contextual At Jensense

Jen has a great write up about a woman who was banned from Adsense for clicking on her own ads, loses account, then sues Google.

Her excuse ? – She wanted to to verify that the advertisers were not selling products competing against the ones advertised on her site.

You can read the whole article over at Jensense here

I gotta say that while I do not condone it… I can see why you would want to do it. Many people do not use the correct display url of the actual website that it goes to so really the only way you would know is by clicking. My father who runs whereifish.com was banned for clicking on his own ads.. When I asked him why he clicked on his own ads he told me it was because he wanted to buy what was being offered in the ads. Keep in mind my father didn’t even know what the adsense was and he had never even logged into his AdSense account. I had run it for him.

Also on Jensense’s site she has the entire lowdown on the new MSN Adcenter news scooping everyone once again.