Danny Sullivan Canned From SEW/SES – I Am Not Sad To See Him Go

I gotta say I never have been a big fan of the SEW blog posts (just seemed like rehashed news from other sites) and the forum traffic at SEW always seemed to be pretty weak compared to other forums. I said over at Matt Cutt’s Blog that I didnt really understand why Danny would get canned and I was quickly corrected that Danny was not “canned” but rather left on his own.

Well, where I come from when your employer chooses to let you go instead of giving you what you want we call that canned.

Anyway…. lets move on.

I have to say Danny Live is one of the brilliant out of the box speakers I have ever heard. Also he does an incredible job on Webmaster Radio every day doing the Daily SearchCast.

Why am I not sad to see Danny go?

I personally feel that Danny has been pained for a long time. When he sold the SES stuff in the late 90’s he really sold it pretty cheap (less then 1M) then still gave it his all. You can tell he put his heart and soul into the conferences but he really did not make crap from it. I think he has been feeling beaten like a dog for a long time.

Why the hell are people saying they are sad to see Danny go? Like he is going somewhere ? Currently I GUARANTEE Brett Tabke is licking his chops trying to score Danny and the corporate dollars that come with Danny to bring to Pubcon. Anyone else find it a little weird that Brett is all of a sudden linking to Danny’s blog from within WMW? What happen to the no blog linking policy…

Anyway, I would say best of luck to Danny, but it’s not about luck… it’s about talent. Danny reeks of talent and knowledge of this industry and he is not going anywhere.

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