Head of Adsense sheds light on Googles strategy to combat MFA websites

On an Arbitrage Issues panel in San Jose, Kim Malone was asked specifically what steps Google is taking to stop the MFA (Made For Adsense) websites. This question was posed right after Kim was shown an example of how a person clicked on a Google Adwords ad and the person was taken to 5 different MFA Adsense pages before ever actually reaching the content. Basically the person had to click on 6 total Google Adsense ads before they could actually get to the real content because each ad just led to another page with no content but more Google Adsense ads.

Kim explained that in many cases they are using Adwords conversion data to tell what MFA sites were actaully converting for advertisers. She said using this data helps them easily identify arbitragers.

I think everyone in the room was a little shocked when Kim revealed that Google Adsense was using advertisers Adwords conversion data to actually keep track of what Adsense accounts were converting to sales and which ones were not.

So what are your thoughts on Google using your conversion tracking data in Adwords to identify Adsense publishers taking advantage of MFA pages?

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