Azoogleads To Disable Accounts For Use of free, zero cost, no charge, no fee words or any synonym of those words

Taking a page out of Microsofts book Azoogleads has given publishers less than 24 hours notice to change all graphic banners (which they provided), PPC keywords, and all promotions to not use free, zero cost, no charge, no fee words and ALL SYNONYMS of those words in your campaigns.

Also like the Microsoft alert last month I’ve received tons of emails from publishers asking me what is going on…

I am still here at the Pepperplex in PA until tomorrow. Everyone I have talked to is just baffled by the reasoning behind this to send out this message on a friday afternoon and expect everyone to start to redesign all their sites and changing all their campaigns.

I hope they will redirect the campaigns and not actually withhold funds or send them to blank pages.

Is this legal? Can they enforce this? Sure – Read your agreement when you signed up. As for enforcement… Well according to this if you want to shut down your competitor you could just create an AdWords ad tomorrow at 2pm EST with the words free, zero cost, no charge, no fee words and point to their affiliate id and azoogle will be shutting them down…. supposedly.

From the Azoogleads Website-

08/25/2006 – URGENT: Mobile NEWS Anyone using search engines to promote ANY Ringtone Offer, be aware that effective TOMORROW 2pm EST, all text ads shall not be allowed to include the words: free, zero cost, no charge, no fee and all synonyms. The only accepted promotions are 10 bonus tones, 10 complimentary tones. At 2PM EST tomorrow, tests of all main search engines with the keywords free ringtones, free wallpapers, free SMS, free tones, etc will be conducted. If you feel you can’t edit the text ads by that deadline, stop the campaign.Offer 1885

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