A Sale Is Made On Every Website Visit

Currently – my wife, baby, and I, our on route to Moline Illinois for our family reunion. Thanks to the wonders of EVDO my wife can drive the H2 and I can work out of the passenger seat on my laptop as we drive about 300 miles across I-80 at near broadband speeds even at 70 MPH.

Anyway to the point of this post-

Some of you may remember that before all this crazy internet stuff I used to sell washing machines and dryers at Sears. See like when you work at Sears or other places like that on commission they train you to have a comeback for every excuse a person can give as to why they are not buying the item your selling. Basically there is a saying that a sale is always made. Either you sell the person the product or the person sells you on why they did not buy it, but either way a sale is made. Some of you may recall that line from the movie Boiler Room but it has actually been used long before that.

This same way of salesmanship IMO directly relates to the internet. Just think about it. If someone comes to your site interested in purchasing a product and you have nothing else on that page but that specific product then you give them a tough choice. Either they purchase it right then or they are gone. Now on this same page if you put … say adsense at the bottom of the page you increase the chance that you will get some form of compensation for this person using your bandwidth. Another great way to recoup expenses is to put the Google search on your site. That way if the person really wants to leave your site at least you give them a outlet to do so and still get paid for there visit.

This is just a brief example of what you could do. There are many forms of compensation you can receive be it donation, contextual advertising, affiliate, direct product sales…. You name it. Try not to get caught up on my example but rather look at your website and how you could offer users another option before they close the window.