Help Marcela DeVivo AKA 2_Much WMW MOD – 2_much Fundraiser

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Update:12am – Just hit $2200.00 total donated.

Update 4pm – wow its been less then 1 hour since I posted this campaign and over 1700$ has come in so far. It does not reflect on the dropcash campaign because the money has not yet cleared my paypal. I am astounded by the response so far!

I have no admit I never had heard of 2_much but many people I respect have told me of her tragic story. I know many of you know of 2_much (Marcela Devivo) and her contributions to the SEO world from webmasterworld.

If you did not know While I do not know Her unborn son, Nathan Dorje Andrew, was recently diagnosed with serious brain damage. I can’t imagine what she is going through right now.

Marcela has asked that everone keep her family in there prayers. I think prayers are good but unfortunatly prayers do not pay the bills. I have setup a typekey campaign to raise $1500 of which I will match dollar for dollar.

Please donate to help Marcela and keep her family in your prayers.

8 thoughts on “Help Marcela DeVivo AKA 2_Much WMW MOD – 2_much Fundraiser

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  2. NSUSA

    Just read about this over at Matt Cutts blog and made a small contribution through your typekey account. Just had a baby ourself and can only imagine what she must go through. Thanks for your matching contribution. 😉 Christoph

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  5. oocuz

    Hope the small amount of money we donated helps her, even if i dont know her, but i wish the whole family all the best for the future.

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